Desert Storm (Complete) (Book 2 to Desert Series)

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Book 2 to Desert Series

Allie and friends are back. Things have been looking up for Allie and Dorian. Their lives are filled with happiness and love, and more friends than Allie could have ever imagined. But what happens when Allie's gift to help find one's mate takes a terrible turn and things don't go according to plan?

Allie finds herself with a new enemy and more drama than she ever could have imagined. Her friends and family are put in danger once again.

Allie and Desert Moon find themselves on a roller coaster of emotions, dangers, and unexpected events.

Will she be able to overcome it all like she did before, or will she robbed of her happiness that she fought so hard for?

Read to find out.

Copyright © 2020-2021 Eunie Lee

All Rights Reserved

If I find out anyone has plagiarized my work. I will report you, and depending on the severity, I will even take legal action.

This story is signed and published on Dreame, and Dreame alone.

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Chapter 1
          {Allie’s P.O.V.}           “Allie, please!” Dorian shouts from our bedroom as I’m running in and out of the nursery. It has been a year since we have been free of any drama. The twins are just over a year old and everyone has been living their best lives. Mikey and Sin had a shotgun wedding last month and didn’t tell anyone. They went to one of those drive-thru chapels in downtown Las Vegas. Helena and Ethan were pretty pissed off about it, but the rest of us weren’t all that surprised.           I was just upset that they didn’t invite us to be their witnesses, but it is what it is. Mikey and Sin are currently doing some world tour for their honeymoon and took baby Allen with them. Helena is even more pissed off about that. But they planned on being away for two months or something along those lines, and Sin didn’t want to be without Allen that long. Although Madison, Katie’s daughter has been pitching a fit looking for Allen, her mate.           Brandon and Leah are currently expecting baby number two. She’s only about three weeks along according to Dr. Quinn, but just like Brittany, I told her as soon as it happened. This time it wasn’t all that surprising since it happened during her heat. She waited for two weeks before telling Brandon. He was of course over the moon about it. He’s hoping for a little girl, and I kind of am too. We found out that I was right, and that Katie’s son Matthew is the mate to Brittany and C.J.’s daughter Arlene.           C.J. was not happy about that because that meant his daughter would come to live here with us in the future. I also found Gene, C.J.’s Beta his mate. It turned out to be one of our kitchen omegas named Misty. It was like Mojave Mountain and our pack were just trading pack members left and right. I haven’t heard from Deacon or his brothers at Yellow Moon, so I’m guessing they’re fine not having mates for the time being. Also, Dorian ended up having to pay Deacon the ten million dollars for Hank’s bounty, and he was not happy about it. It made for a good laugh though.           Dorian ended up paying out close to another two million dollars to all of the bounty hunters from that night. It was money well spent knowing Tucker’s pack was pretty much disintegrated into ash. We found out after it was dismantled that Casey was hiding out there with her pups. Not sure what happened to her after that, and I honestly could care less.           Sam and Lucas renewed their vows last week and took a mini honeymoon to Lake Tahoe for a few days, so I’ve been watching over Keegan. He’s been really good as long as he is close to my daughter Daisy. They are supposed to be back sometime today. Sam has been training me in hand to hand combat for the last several months, and I’m getting quite good at it. I still can’t beat Sam when it comes to sparring, but I have regained my title as Tap n’ Tickle champion. The ginger triplets are doing great as well, but for some odd reason, Savannah and Ava still haven’t gotten pregnant. They, along with Nick and Paxton even got checked out by Dr. Quinn, and all four of them have no fertility issues. The girls are young, so they’re not too worried about it, it’s the guys that are determined to put pups in them.           Andre and Dani are doing just perfect. Dani has been going to see Siobhan a lot lately ever since she gave birth to a little girl cub, named Aaliyah. Dani, of course, is the godmother. Maxine and Claudia come by on a semi-regular basis to see the twins and everyone else’s pups, but I have yet to meet their husbands because apparently, they’re afraid of Dorian. I guess his reputation reaches past werewolves and onto other supernaturals.           Dorian and Andre created a new team at the firm that specializes in explosives. Andre is of course the team lead. The firm has started getting a lot of love calls from military bases all over the world, which his great for business. Andre is in charge of all military contracts now and Lucas is taking over Mikey’s duties while he is traveling with Sin and Allen. Although, every so often Lucas has to Skype him. Dorian’s company has really expanded, and a lot of the bounty hunters that helped us out last year have come knocking on our door asking to be signed by Dorian. Some were rogue wolves that Dorian even offered pack memberships to, so the pack has grown because of this. One of the rogues just happens to be Mikey’s friend, Aries. I don’t know him all that well though.           Because of timing, I was not able to register for fall semester classes at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). Trying to get your high school transcripts after four and a half years was quite difficult, especially since I was in another state. It also looked bad showing that I had dropped out of Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). But after explaining what had happened and why I dropped out, UNLV admissions granted me entrance into their Civil Engineering program. It felt strange having to start off in classes filled with 17 and 18-year-olds, but it was nice being in school again.           It’s even funnier having to explain why a 24-year-old, has random men dropping her off and picking her up on a daily basis. It’s never the same person either. I’m dropped off by Simba, Nick, Paxton, Joel, Leroy, and a new guard by the name of Sylvester, but I call him Sly. Then I’m picked up by either Dorian in his new Lamborghini, Brandon on his bike, Mikey with his monster truck or bike, Lucas with his Porsche, or Andre in his Audi. On the occasion, Bryce and Siobhan will come to get me if I get out early. Students that have seen me have spread a rumor that I’m kind of escort with multiple sugar daddies.             I was in the nursery helping the nannies Raquel and Sylvia with the twins and Keegan when Dorian came in,           “Allie!”           “What?!”           “Do you seriously need to pack so many pairs of shoes!? We’re going to Florida to see Amber and our new nephew!”           “Oh, come on, what’s one more pair?”           “Baby, we’re going to be there a week, and you packed nine pairs!”           “So!?”           “Allie!”           “Fine! Take out the heels. Happy!?” Dorian rolls his eyes and goes back to our room to finish packing.           “Luna, you’re the only one in this entire house that can speak to him like that,” Raquel says as she and Sylvia start to snicker.           “Eh, it’s because he knows he can’t do anything about it,”           “I HEARD THAT!” I hear him shout from our room. The nannies and I giggle again.           “Will you be alright without the twins for a week, Luna?” Sylvia asks.           “I honestly have no idea, but I know that they will be safe with Ben and Eleanor,” I say as I finish changing Daisy. “Isn’t that right princess?” I say picking her up and kissing her chubby cheek. Daisy gives me a sweet baby giggle and grabs my face.           “Oh my, I will never understand why Demarco weighs so much,” Sylvia says when she picks him up. Demarco has almost doubled in weight, so he’s almost 40 pounds. If he wasn’t a werewolf pup, I would be freaked out, but Dr. Quinn said that for a male and Alpha pup, it’s normal. Daisy still weighs less than her brother, but she is getting heavy too.           “Baby,” Dorian called from the door           “Yeah?” I said turning around with Daisy in my arms. She immediately reaches out for Dorian upon seeing him. She was such a daddy’s girl.           “Oh, my princess,” he says taking her. She still looked so small compared to him.         “Luna, Demarco is reaching for you,” Raquel said. I take him from Sylvia.           “Gah, you are heavy, big boy. Soon mommy won’t be able to carry you,” I tell him. “Dorian, did you need me for something?”           “Huh? Oh yeah, Lucas just texted, they’ve landed and are on their way home now,”           “Sweet, I’m sure Keegan misses his parents,” I reply as Keegan crawls around the nursery floor. He crawls straight to Dorian and forces himself to his feet and reaches for Daisy.           “Hey buddy, she’s still mine for another 17 years, so you’re just going to have to wait,” Dorian tells him. Keegan pouts and bites Dorian’s leg. “HEY!”           “Hahaha!” we all laugh.           “Either Daisy taught him to bite, or Keegan taught her,” I say. Lately, Daisy has been biting Dorian and Lucas, but only them two. Keegan has been biting everybody except for me and Sam. It was the strangest thing, but still funny. It is starting to hurt though because all the pups have teeth.           “I can’t believe this kid,” Dorian says lightly pushing him off of him. Keegan falls on his bottom and tries to bite Dorian again.           “Raquel, will you please get him?”           “Yes, Luna,” she says as she goes and picks up Keegan. He tries to bite her too, but she lets out a small growl and he stops.           “Okay, I can’t hold you anymore big boy,” I say as I put Demarco on the floor. He pulls on my legs and forces himself to his feet. Lately, Daisy, Demarco, and Keegan have been standing, but only Keegan has remotely started walking. It’s strange since all three are over a year old now. Allen and Sawyer started walking at 11 months, and Monique started walking at one year, mostly because she was trying to play catch up to Sawyer. We were hopeful that they would start walking on their own soon, because they have no issues walking while hanging onto something, or if we held their hands. Raquel put Keegan on the floor, and Dorian put Daisy down as well. Dorian and I relieved the nannies and played with the pups until Sam and Lucas got home.             About an hour later, Sam came running into the nursery,           “Where is mama’s big boy!” she shouted and scooped him up and gave him lots of kisses. Lucas came in shortly thereafter, after having put their bags away.           “Hey, how was the mini-honeymoon?” I asked her           “Amazing! The water was so nice and clean, and the weather was perfect,” she said.           “Dorian, Allie, hopefully, Keegan didn’t cause too much trouble,” Lucas says as he takes Keegan from Sam and gives him a kiss on the cheek.           “He bit me, again,” Dorian whined.           “I think he’s learning it from Daisy,” I tell them.           “Why are you blaming Daisy, baby? Keegan started it,”           “I think Daisy started it, babe. Daisy started biting you before Keegan bit anyone,”           “I don’t believe that,” Dorian said as Daisy crawled over to him. I just rolled my eyes. She had him wrapped around her little finger.           “Alright, well we are exhausted from the trip back, so we’re going to take Keegan and go relax,” Sam says. We nod and they leave. As soon as they leave Daisy starts to throw a fit because Keegan left.           “Oh my god, really sweet girl? You act like you will never see him again,” I say to her. “Stop that right now,” I tell her sternly and growl. She stops immediately and leans against Dorian.           “Why do you have to be so harsh on her Allie?”           “Really? Dorian are we going to start that again,” “She’s just a baby,” “So is Demarco, but you’re stern with him,”           “He’s a future Alpha, I have to be stern with him,”           “And she has to learn crying doesn’t get her everything she wants,”           “Say’s her mother who pouts and throws tantrums,” I scoff at his comment and he just laughs. “Ow!” Dorian shouts. I look over and Daisy is biting his arm. “What did I say about biting daddy princess?” he says and pushes her forehead with his finger making her fall on her butt. She pulls herself up and tries again.           “Daisy!” I growl and she stops.           A few minutes later, the twins both start yawning, indicating that they’re ready for their afternoon nap. We have the nannies bring their bottles and we put them down in their cribs. Dorian grabs the baby monitor and we leave them to sleep in peace.           “Are you hungry?” Dorian asks with his arm around my shoulder.           “I’m hungry for some d**k if that’s what you’re asking?”           “Allie, you have become more brazen these last few months,”           “Is that a problem?” I ask while projecting a little lust. I watch his eyes turn black. He throws me over his shoulder caveman-style and uses his wolf speed to get us to our room. We spent the afternoon making hot steamy sensual love to each other.             That evening at dinner, we had all of the pups with us. The table was starting to become overcrowded. Whenever the twins were with us, I sat in my own chair and had the twins on either side of me. I loved that the twins ate whatever we gave them. Daisy was a little pickier with her proteins though. She would only eat fish if I made it. Even if the Omegas in the kitchen made it the same way, she wouldn’t eat it. But she ate her veggies and liked it with ranch too. Demarco loved his meats and surprisingly, he liked more bitter veggies like broccoli, brussels sprouts, and asparagus.           “Ugh, why doesn’t Sawyer eat his veggies the way the twins do?” Leah whines.           “Probably because we had to force-feed your veggies when you were pregnant with him, sweet cheeks, while Gizmo ate it because she wanted to,” Brandon says. “Let’s not make that same mistake with pup number two. Eat your salad,”           “But kale is gross,” Leah said forcing herself to eat it.           “Kale is good for you and that pup inside of you, so quit your bellyaching and eat hoe,” she scowled at me and ate her salad.           “Where are Mikey and Sin right now?” Sam asks.           “Uh, Sin’s latest ** post shows them in Barcelona,”           “Ahhh!” Daisy started to pitch a fit.           “What baby girl?” I ask her. I see that her plate is empty. “Do you want more?” I take her plate and go into the kitchen and put some more salmon, cauliflower, and carrots on her plate. With a sprinkle of ranch dressing. I bring it back to her and she chows down on the cauliflower first.           “Seriously, even I think that’s amazing, and Monique likes her veggies too, but she hates cauliflower and broccoli,”           “Keegan too,” Sam interjects. I just shrug and smile at my babies.             After dinner, Mrs. Johnson brought out her famous cinnamon rolls for dessert. Leah was only allowed to have half of one because she had three blueberry muffins at breakfast. I split one between the twins and gave them some fruit to go with it. Demarco loves his pastries like me, while Daisy prefers her fruits like Dorian. While we were enjoying dessert, Eleanor and Ben came in,           “Where are my sweet babies?” Eleanor says as she takes Daisy from her highchair. Daisy starts to whine because she wasn’t done with her food.           “Here Daisy,” I say giving her a piece of watermelon. She immediately calms down. “Works every time,”           “Oh wow, Demarco is getting heavy son,” Ben says to Dorian.           “It’s Dorian’s fault,” Eleanor says while she plays with Daisy on the kitchen island.           “Why is it Dorian’s fault?” I ask.           “Dorian was a big baby too. He was over 20 pounds when he was born, and by the time he was one, he was almost 50 pounds,”           “DAMN!” I exclaim and look at Dorian.           “It’s just how men are in my family are sweetheart,” Ben says. While making Demarco walk by holding his tiny hands. “All the Shaw men are big and tall. All of us are over 6ft, and in our prime, we’re all physically fit. Dorian just happens to be the biggest thus far. How he ended up with a Luna as tiny as you is beyond me,” I just giggle.           “I would say that Allie is the smallest mate to any Shaw man,” Eleanor says.         “Smallest mate to the biggest Shaw,” Ben says in response. I rolled my eyes.         “That’s why her nickname is Gizmo,” Brandon says taking a bit of watermelon.           “Anyways!! What time are you guys leaving tomorrow?” Leah asks.           “We’re leaving first thing the morning. Since we’re going to be traveling forward in time, we wanted to leave early so we can get there early afternoon,” I reply.           “When do classes start, Gizmo?” Brandon asked.           “Three weeks and my classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays this fall semester,” I smile at him.           “Where are you guys going to fly into?” Lucas asks.           “We’re going to fly into Tampa, and then drive down to St. Petersburg where the packhouse is. Unlike us, they don’t have a territory. The pack owns a condominium complex where all their pack members live and pay rent, and the rank members live in a seven-bedroom mansion, a few miles away” Dorian explained.           “Wait, they make their pack members pay rent?” Brandon asked.           “Yeah, since the cost of living is more expensive, utilities and electricity are covered by the ranked members, and rent is paid by the pack members,” that was an interesting fact I didn’t know.           “Wait, so are we staying with Amber and Ronnie?” I asked confused. “Yes, her Alpha Bernard Hamilton has kindly offered us one of the spare bedrooms in the main house,” I nod and smile.           “Look!” Ben shouts. We all turn, and Demarco is standing on his own.           “Dorian!” I shout. He immediately pulls out his phone and starts recording. “Come on, baby boy, you can do it,” I encourage him. I go kneel in front of him and open my arms. “Come on, come to mommy,” Demarco starts to move his right leg like he’s trying to walk. “Come on,” I tell him again with a big smile. He starts to bounce his leg and steps forward. I was literally only three steps away from him, but that one step was a milestone. “Come on, just a little more. You can do it, baby boy,” I keep encouraging him. Sure enough, he takes the last two steps and stumbles into my arms. I pick him up and spin him in circles.           “THAT’S MY BOY!” Dorian shouts and takes him from me.           “Babe, please tell me you got that?” I ask him. I pick up his phone and sure enough, he did. “Goddess, I hope Daisy doesn’t start walking while we’re in Florida. I will s**t myself and die if that happens,”           “ALLISON LANGUAGE!” Eleanor shouts. We all start laughing.             I loved my family so much. The last year has been filled with so many amazing memories. I was excited about our trip to Florida to see Amber and our new nephew Cody.

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