In the world where every species coexist, peace is determined through pacts and treaties.

In the land the werewolves occupy, four packs reigns: the Lone Woods at the North, Azure Hills at the East, Cerise Lagoon at the West, and the Amber Mines at the South.

However, a fifth group existed which has a quarter of the lands of the East: The Wrights Union- a group of rogues who isn't part of a pack and were technically a group of outcasts that only survived through pacts, that the Rogue King Austin Usher, made.

Dominique Harlow was one of them. Being a 19 year-old girl who's been living as a rogue after she ran way from the hell she once called home, her life as a normal werewolf trying to blend in with the others changed when the Moon Goddess gave her mate: Jaxson.

Meeting each other by accident at a busy street, the two denied the feelings created by the mate's pull, both believed that they need no mate.

Despite their resistance, the fate continued to connect them together. Finally introducing themselves, Domonique said she's just a rogue who's tired of being an outcast, and Jaxson called himself 'Jax' who knew nothing about his past and can't even remember his own surname.

But their introductions weren't as real as it seems.


"You're not just a nobody, aren't you, Jax?" Dominique asked, the cold wind brushing her skin made the chills on her nerves even more stronger.

Jax looked straight into her golden eyes. "So are you, Monique. We both lied."


What will Dominique do if the mate she's connected with is an Alpha who's manipulating the world with his strings but unnoticed by everyone?


"Why am I being punished because of a sin I didn't even do?" she cried.

A story where the past complicates everything. Will they really let themselves tear apart because of the things that can't be undone?

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Dominique “Chase that damn wolf!” I tried my best to run as much as my human legs can. Why can’t they let us live in peace?! No matter what happens, I always try to get out of any mess without transforming. Why? I hate myself. I hate my wolf. I didn’t do anything wrong to you. Emilia, my wolf spoke inside my head, her voice solemn and sad. But you didn’t do anything right for me, either. I snapped back. Ignoring her, I turned around and looked at the human hunters who’s readying themselves to fire at me, all concentrating to make sure that they can hit me with their silver bullets. I didn’t trespass in their territory! Why can’t they understand that! Bang! Thanks to my reflexes and a wolf’s high senses, I immediately moved left when I heard the gunshot that is aimed at my right. “Curse human money.” I muttered and purposely stopped in front of a huge tree. I tilted my head and saw the other hunter readying himself to pull the trigger. Bang! As soon he pulled it, I turned around and jumped to reach the tree’s stem. Pulling myself up, I glanced at them who’s below me before proceeding. Better thank Gabbey for his hellish training. Just like what I’ve practiced when we’re in training, I used my advantages and travelled through the trees, jumping from one stem to another. Bang! Fortunately, I already landed at the next tree, so the only thing the bullet hit is the stem which broke and fell. Looking back, I saw the two hunters busy aiming at me, they even nearly trip because of not paying attention to their surroundings which made them not notice the tree with purple leaves: the mark of our territory. If I’m not being chased, I’m going to laugh all day because of their stupidity. With a smile, I turned around looked at them smugly, causing for them to stop running and glare at me. It’s my time to shine. “Get down here, coward!” the hinter yelled with his gun pointed at me. “Yeah no.”  replied and put my finger on my mouth, creating a whistle that only us knows. Within a few seconds of silence, the sound of the bushes, twigs breaking, and a low growl was heard. Soon, a wolf with reddish fur, some oak brown fur decorating his tail, and has bluish grey eyes which overall kind of resembles a fox appeared. Feeling the superiority emitted by the new wolf, the hunters didn’t bother to point their guns at him and just started running. Seeing them weak like a pup, I laughed. “Ooh, you’re scary.” I joked before jumping down. The wolf just looked at me, and I can feel that he’s glaring at me, before he shifted back into his human form. “What the hell are you thinking, Nique?” he asked, his bluish grey eyes looking at me as if he’s thinking of burning me alive. “You dragged human hunters in our territory.” “Some Azure wolves webbed out a lie and told the humans that I, a mere, pretty, feminine, rogue, was trying to trespass in their land.” I explained, trying to sound innocent. “That’s the truth!” I defensively added when he looked at me blankly. I was just taking a walk along the forest which marks the boundary between the Azure Hills, the biggest pack of the east, and the Local Sprouts, the human government. I don’t even plan on going to interact with humans. It’s just that some Azure wolves who got nothing to do pull some childish prank at me. I don’t know who made the word ‘outcast’ famous. Like, is it wrong to belong in a group who’s not called a pack? They are being irrational in treating us. “Why do you keep on going in the boundary?” Gabbey asked before sighing. “We are already in the forest, Nique. Don’t act like you can’t see one if you’re not there.” He scolded, making me sigh. “I just want to run around, Gab.” I opened up. “Why can’t they let us do what we want?! They’re violating the civil contract!” I said, glaring at nothing. “If they signed the contract with  Captain Austin then they should follow it!” Gabbey shook his head and went towards me to ruffle my hair. “We don’t hold everyone’s mind.” He stated. I fixed my unruly hair and looked at him with a glare. “So you were saying?” I asked before rolling my eyes. “If you can’t follow the rules like going in the boundaries, then don’t expect everyone to follow the rules as well.” He said before crossing his arms. “As simple as that.” “But I’m just enjoying my freedom!” “You need to know your limitations.” “But I’m not disobeying any rules! I didn’t step in the Local’s territory!” “But you know our situation.”  And that shut me up. “Situation. Is there really something wrong with us, huh?” I scoffed. “We’re not in the wrong! It’s their mindset who’s not right!” Why is he being calm when we’re being oppressed for years?! Hearing my words, he sighed. “You keep on saying that, but can you-no, can we do anything about it?” he asked, making me turn my head and just focus at the trees. “It’s been 9 years since you’re with us, so get used to it.” “But they keep on looking down at us! Can you just let it slide forever?!” I said, looking back at him with a glare. “Is it your wolf talking? Your pride? Your ego?” he continuously asked, erasing the glare I’ve been pinning on him. “Why do you even hate being looked down at?” he asked, making me lost at words. “Most of our members shuts up and lives in the shadows to avoid conflicts. They’re afraid because they are outcasts. So why are you mad?” “I-” before I can continue, Gabbey cut me off. “Do you know why most wolves hate us even if we signed a pact with them?” he asked, causing me to stay silent and just wait at his next words. “It’s because we are outcasts.” He simply said as if that is the best answer he could think of. Irritated, I rolled my eyes and looked straight in his eyes. “Wrights Union are made of wolves being unfairly treated. We are called outcasts because we don’t fight back.” “What can you do?” Gabbey asked back. “You saw what happens when we broke any of the rules that even the packs don’t follow, right?” he sternly asked. “Do you want to die?” That question alone is enough to completely silence me and just look at the ground. It’s your fault. I mentally said to Emilia. If you’re not hot-tempered and just shut up like the coward you are, maybe my emotions won’t be on fire like this. I heard her whimper. Yes, I’m a coward. She softly said. But I still want to have my rights properly given. She said, her voice obviously afraid that she said the wrong set of words. I’m still a half-blood, Dom, I’m sorry. Half-blood? I mentally scoffed. That blood you’re talking about doesn’t even accept you. Hitting her nerves completely, Emilia didn’t say anything. With our boding being one, I can feel her sadness, causing me to slightly feel guilty. “But what about you?” Without even thinking, I questioned him, lifting my eyes to meet his confused ones. “You dad, Rogue King Austin, was a former Beta of the Amber Mines.” I said, making his stare harden upon the mention of his dad’s former position. “Your wolf is supposed to be burning in anger because a Beta can’t accept that kind of treatment as-” Once again, he cut me off. “Enough.” He growled, but his intimidation didn’t work on me. “Tell the truth, Gab. You want to kill the offenders as well.” I said, matching his glaring eyes to prove my point further. “Am I right?” “No one’s talking about killing here, Nique.” Gabbey said, giving the topic up. “Look,” he paused, his gaze now softer and looking at me as if he understood what I wanted to say. “I know you want equality and all but,” “But what?” I asked, eager to know his reason of stopping me. “But we are from the Wights Union. Our territory alone is enough to show us that we can’t do anything about it.” “It’s unfair.” I said and heaved another sigh. “If I’ll have the chance to change everything, I will.” I said, determination filling my system as I created another goal in mind. Yes, I will the embodiment of change. “Good luck with that.” Gabbey said and chuckled before ruffling my hair, his usual habit that makes me wonder on why is he doing that. “But you should worry about your mate first.” He said, causing for a frown to appear on my face. “Says the one who’s 20 already but still has no mate.” I scoffed, looking at him teasingly. “You should look for yours first.” I continued, followed by a laugh. “Did the Moon Goddess forget about you?” Gabbey shrugged. “I’m not that old yet so I can manage to wait more.” He said and smirked at me. “Why, are you getting impatient?” he teased, making me roll my eyes once again. “Nah. I’ll be more grateful if I won’t have a mate forever.” *** If only I knew that my wish won’t come true, maybe I didn’t hold myself back when I first met him. Maybe if I did that, I had more memories with the mate I can’t hold right now. “He’s so mad at me, isn’t he?” “He’s not mad at you. He’s mad at someone else, Nique. The only thing is, that anger was being poured on you.” Gabbey answered, causing for my tears to stream down once again. I want a happy ending. I’m not greedy to ask that, right?

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