Chapter 3

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“I can’t believe this.” I sighed out of frustration as the bell rang once again. The house was already full of people and there were still more to come. Some of them I have never even seen before, but I didn’t have the heart to kick them out when they had already dressed up nicely. Wade had already left two times to bring more alcohol and snacks since he had fake ID only and I felt sorry for him. This party was meant to be fun, but everybody was having fun except me and my friends, who actually arranged this party. “I will kill you, Violet. You ruined Maya’s birthday and our fun.” Zara scolded her, but Violet just shrugged her shoulders. “I…am… having fun.” She managed to say. I think she will black out soon from the amount of alcohol she drank and it was only ten o’clock. “You know what, guys? F*ck it. Let’s just have fun and we will help to clean everything up in the morning. Let’s just hide the breakable objects.” Myles said, and I threw my hands into the air. “He is right, let’s have fun.” I told them and dragged Wade into the kitchen while the rest followed behind us, except Violet, who was too drunk to move. We sat around the table and started drinking, talking and laughing. Finally, we started to have fun and the guys were quite tipsy already after an hour, but I didn’t feel anything yet. I went to the fridge to look for something stronger when the bottle of whiskey, which my mom got as a present from her colleague for her birthday, caught my attention. She doesn’t drink, so I am sure she won’t even notice that it was missing. I sat back at the table and started to drink the whiskey right out of the bottle while the guys cheered on me. Finally, I started to get dizzy. “Do you guys want to play truth or dare?” One of our classmates asked from the doorway. “Yaaay, we are coming.” Zara shouted happily, which made Myles chuckle as he helped her stand up and they followed the guy. “Come on, let’s play.” Wade said and I nodded my head and we followed after the rest. “Wait, I will take Violet upstairs, save me a spot.” I yelled to him over the loud music when I saw her struggling to get up from the floor and he nodded his head and gave me a kiss before disappearing in the crowd. “Ma..ya.. is that you?” She asked with a drunken chuckle. “Who else would it be? Come on. Let’s put you into bed.” I told her with a laugh. Drunk Violet is very funny. I just wish I had asked Wade to help me, but I didn’t think she would pass out on the way upstairs. It took me twenty minutes to drag her into my mom’s bed. She wasn’t as heavy as I thought she would be. I hope she won’t throw up on mom’s bed though. I placed an empty bucket on the floor next to the bed, in case she needed it. Better to be safe than sorry. I wouldn’t want to clean her puke while I am having a hangover tomorrow morning. Finally, I headed back downstairs and looked around to find the group who were playing truth or dare, but I didn’t see them anywhere. The crowd was too thick and the whiskey started to hit my head hard. ‘They are in the right corner.’ Someone said and I looked around to see who was talking to me, but when I didn’t see anyone even looking at me, I just shrugged my shoulders. “Thanks.” I said, even though I didn’t know who helped me, but mom always taught me to be polite. I managed to go to the corner of the living room while pushing people aside in my drunken state, but when I got there, my blood froze in my veins. “The time is up already twenty seconds ago.” A guy said while he shook his head in amusement. “What the hell is going on here?” I yelled over the music when I saw Wade kissing a blonde girl. They didn’t stop like they didn’t even hear me and my heart clenched in my chest as his hands roamed all over her body in the front of my eyes. Their time was up already a long time ago, as the guy said, and he was still kissing her. “It’s just … a dare.” Zara said with half-closed eyes and I felt like throwing up at the moment. “Wade.” I yelled at the top of my lungs as I felt I would burst with jealousy and anger anytime now. My heartbreak was replaced with anger as Wade pulled away from the girl when he heard my voice. He looked at me with wide eyes when he saw me , but my eyes widened as well when I saw who the blonde girl was. His project partner. He doesn’t like her, huh? My a*s. Now that I am thinking about it, he never actually denied it. I looked at him with a pained expression and I wanted to disappear from the planet right now. “The party is over. Everyone, get out.” I plugged the kable of the hifi out of the wall and as soon as the music stopped , I heard the groans and whines of protests of the people who were having fun, at least they had a good time, I thought bitterly. I didn’t stick around to see them leave though, as I ran out of the house and towards my spot, faster than I had even run in my life before. I heard Wade was calling my name as I stepped out of the house, but I didn’t want to hear his excuses. What can I do when he likes someone else? It doesn’t matter if he apologises to me, because he will still like her and now that he even kissed her… which he obviously enjoyed... he will want to do it again. When I got to the pond my body felt super hot so I wasted no time and undressed myself. I have done this several times before and I know no one has followed me, which made my heart hurt. He didn’t come after me. My tears were falling as I walked into the water to cool off my burning body and, hopefully, my hurting heart. “Why?” I whispered as I was sobbing. “Why did he do that to me?” I sobbed even harder as I couldn’t get the picture out of my head. On my own birthday, my own boyfriend was kissing and groping a girl with passion who wasn’t me. ‘Don’t worry, after midnight everything will change.’ I looked up when I heard a female voice and looked around to see who else was there, but I didn’t see anyone. “Who is there?” I yelled as I looked around in panic. No one knows about this place, except me. Did someone follow me without me noticing it? It’s dark after all. ‘Calm down, I am in your head.’ The voice said again and I gasped. That’s even worse. ‘Oh my god, now I am hearing voices , I am going crazy’, I thought, and started sobbing again. Of course, Wade didn’t want me anymore, I was definitely not good enough to be with him. I will be locked in a mental hospital for the rest of my life. My body still felt hot and it seemed like the cold water didn’t help anymore. Suddenly, a huge pain hit me right in the middle of my spine and I let out a painful scream as my back straightened. What the hell was happening to me? ‘I can help you but you need to listen to me.’ The voice said with urgency, but I don’t have time to care about my imaginary new friend as the pain becomes unbearable and it spreads all over my body. I managed to crawl out of the water and tried to get up from the dirty ground. ‘Just stay down and let it happen.’ The voice said and I let out a painful scream once again. “Let what.. happen?” I asked while I was panting heavily. What the f*ck was happening to me? Was I dying? That was what I needed to let happen, as the voice said? That must be it. ‘You will turn in any minute now, just let go.’ It said and I nodded my head weakly. Giving up the fight. It’s the end and I am ready to join my dad in heaven. “S…sorry, mom.” I managed to say when the terrible pain hit me again, stronger than ever, and I let go. It hurts like hell, but I am dying anyway, so I just screamed and let go. The sickening noise of bones breaking can be heard when the pain hit me once again. 'Was I so bad of a person to have a painful death as this one? What did I do to deserve this?' I thought. ‘You are a good person, Maya. Don’t be silly.’ The voice said, but I didn’t listen to it at that point. My braking bones were more worrying than the voice I was hearing in my head. My throat hurt from the screaming, which felt like I was already doing for hours. I felt my face starting to hurt as well. Actually, I don’t have a spot on my body that doesn’t hurt. Maybe my eyes. ‘You are doing great, just a little more.’ The voice said, but I don’t know what it was saying. I panicked even more as I saw some kind of fur was growing on my arms, which felt itchy. I was sure by now that someone had spiked my drink and I imagined this whole painful sh*t that was happening to me. ‘It’s done, you did it.’ The voice said happily when I noticed the pain was finally gone. I opened my eyes and saw a pair of animal paws as I looked down. ‘What’s this?’ I tried to talk, but instead of words, I heard some kind of whimper. I tried to reach out to touch the paws under me, but they started to move forward as I tried to move my hands. ‘What’s happening?’ I asked in panic, hearing the same whimpers as before. ‘Your shifting was successful, congratulations.’ The voice said, which made me confused. ‘Now you need to shift back.’ She said and now I realised that those paws were mine, they were my hands once and now the voice was asking me to change them back..? ‘That’s exactly what I am asking. And you don’t need to call me ‘the voice’, my name is Cora.’
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