What am I, a monster?

enimies to lovers

Maya was an average human girl, at least she thought she was. Her life completely changed after her sixteenth birthday when she transformed into something she didn’t know anything about. She thought she went crazy as she started hearing a voice inside her head. It didn’t help her situation either that her human boyfriend cheated on her at her own birthday party.

Later she found out that her father, who she thought was dead, was actually alive and he was a werewolf, which explained a lot.

Maya and her mother then moved to her father’s pack and her new life began with a lot of challenges.

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Chapter 1
*** Maya’s POV *** * “Maya, Wade is here, hurry up.” Mom said when I walked into the kitchen in the morning, after getting ready for school. “Good morning, mom. I know.” I told her while I rolled my eyes. “Good morning, sweetie.” She said and handed me my breakfast. I have a really good relationship with her, she is my best friend and I tell her everything that's going on in my life. “I am going. See you later, mom.” I said and gave her a kiss before rushing out of the house. My long, dark blonde hair, which I inherited from my father, was dancing in the wind as I walked up to Wade. My father died when I was born and I don’t even have a picture of him, but since mom has black hair and brown eyes, I could only get my dark blonde hair and grey eyes from my father. Mom never really liked to talk about his death, which I understand, she only said ‘your dad loved you, Maya’ every time I asked about him. “Good morning.” Wade said and pressed a kiss onto my lips as I reached him on the sidewalk. “Good morning.” I greeted him with a smile and we started walking towards the school hand in hand, which was 15 minutes' walk from my house. Wade lived a few houses down the street, that was how we became friends in the first place two years ago. Wade is my boyfriend now. We started dating two months ago, after 2 years of friendship. He is really nice and caring, a perfect boyfriend material. He respects me and I respect him, so we are in total harmony. He used to stop by in the morning so we could walk to school together. “Are you excited?” He asked and I looked at him with a frown. “About what?” I asked him. “About your birthday, silly. It’s tomorrow.” He said with a chuckle and the realisation hit me. 'How could I forget about my own birthday, which I was waiting for impatiently?' “Oh, I don’t know. It’s just like any other day.” I told him, but actually, I was really excited. I will throw a party and I can’t wait. Tomorrow is my sixteenth birthday. Luckily, it’s on Friday, so I can celebrate it with my friends right that day. Mom let me throw a small party because she will be on a business trip for the weekend and I couldn’t have been more happy about it. She allowed me to invite twenty friends of mine, but she forbade me to have any alcohol at the party. “No, it’s your day. You turn sixteen just once. We need to celebrate it.” Wade said with a smile, which makes my stomach flip every time he smiles at me. He is tall with board shoulders. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is quite handsome if you ask me and his smile is to die for. “Alright, but mom said we can’t have alcohol.” I told him, pouting. We are just sixteen, so, of course, we can’t drink yet, but it never stopped us from having some when we were invited to parties before. Forbidden fruits are the sweetest, right? “Don’t worry about that. I will bring some bottles over. She won’t notice.” He said and I grinned at him. “That would be awesome. A party without alcohol is just a tea party and that’s so childish.” I told him and he nodded his head in agreement. “Thank you.” I added and kissed his cheek. Even though I share everything with my mom, I have never told her that I used to drink at parties. I was always careful not to drink too much, to do something stupid and my friends always told me that I could really hold my liquor. I was kind of proud of that. “Anything for you.” He said with a smile and kissed my knuckles, which made me giggle. Soon enough, we arrived at school and I spotted our friends, Zara, Violet and Myles, in front of the entrance. Zara was short with blonde hair, while Violet was tall with brown hair. Myles was a handsome boy with a nice, athletic body and his brown hair was always gelled back. We exchanged greetings and we all went to our classes separately. After Wade kissed me goodbye, of course. He had never missed an opportunity to kiss me, but I wasn't complaining. Sadly, I didn’t have any classes with any of them, but we always saw each other between classes and at lunch, so I couldn’t really complain about that either. At least I could pay attention to my teachers without any distractions. * *** * “Miss Davis, please pay attention.” The teacher said when I was busy thinking about the party. This was my last period and my mind was already at home. “Sorry, Mrs. Moore.” I apologised and acted like I was actually listening. When the bell finally rang, I rushed out of the classroom to wait for Wade in the front of the school. He was coming home with me so we could start the preparations after mom leaves. I know the party is tomorrow and it was a bit early to start anything, but I prefer to do some of the things today and the rest tomorrow. “Maya, do you need me to help you as well?” Violet asked as she walked up to me. “No, it’s okay. Wade is enough and it’s not like I will cook everything myself. I will just order pizzas and I will buy some snacks and drinks,” I said, “but thanks for the offer.” I added with a smile. “We will come by around eight tomorrow, is that okay?” She asked, as Zara and Myles joined us. “Yes, that’s okay and please guys, avoid fighting at this time.” I raised my eyebrows pointedly at Zara and Myles and they looked at me innocently. Zara and Myles have liked each other for months now, but none of them said it out loud. They argue a lot, out of jealousy, when the other talks to other guys or girls, and their continuous bickering starts to become annoying. “We won’t.” Zara said as she rolled her eyes. “Unless you invited Vivian to your party. If she shows up, Zara turns into Grumpy, the dwarf.” Myles said and burst out laughing at his own joke like a hyena. Zara glared at him hard and slapped his shoulder lightly so he stopped laughing. “Oh, yeah? Maya, I hope you invited Zack though. He is s*xy as hell. Even our names are similar.” Zara said dreamily and Myles' smile faded as he scoffed disdainfully. “Oh please… He looks like a walking testosterone advertisement.” Myles said with a disgusted expression. “Exactly. He is gorgeous and his muscles are very pleasing to the eyes.” Zara was swooning with a longing expression on her face and Myles rolled his eyes in jealousy. “Whatever.” He murmured and walked away towards his car without another word. “This is what I am talking about, guys. Please, just for one day…. Don’t ruin this for me.” I asked her with a pleading expression and she nodded her head with a sigh. “Alright, I will try not to talk back to him even if he is being an i***t, okay? I promise.” She said with a hand on her heart and I grinned at her happily. “Don’t get your hopes up.” Violet murmured as she looked up from her phone to join the conversation. She knows these two quite well, just like I do. “Thank you.” I said to Zara, ignoring what Violet had just said. I hope they will really try to behave. Anytime the five of us went out, they ruined everybody’s mood with their bickering and we needed to go home earlier than planned because of them. “Hi girls.” I turned around to see Wade standing behind me. “Hi.” He said softly, only to me with a loving expression on his face, and hugged me. “Hi, can we go?” I asked him. “Hmm… yeah, just a minute. My partner in my history class asked me to wait for her here, she needs to hand me our project so I can add my own part to it.” He said a bit nervously. Is he afraid of my reaction? “Oh, okay.” I told him with a smile and hugged him again to show him he had nothing to be nervous about. Violet and Zara have already left, so we are waiting for her history project partner to show up. “Wade?” I heard a soft voice and I turned to the girl who walked up to us. Wade let me go right away and turned his full attention to the girl who was looking at me curiously. “Yeah?” Wade said and I think I saw him blushing, which made me frown deeply. “Hmm… here.” She said timidly and handed him a folder. She was a beautiful girl with blonde hair and green eyes. I couldn't help but feel slightly jealous as I saw how Wade was looking at her. “Thank you. See you tomorrow then.” He said while he scratched the back of his neck. “Alright, see you tomorrow.” She said and hurried away. “We can go now.” He said as he put the folder into his backpack. “Do you like her?” I asked him bluntly and he snapped his head towards me with wide open eyes. “What? No. Why do you even ask that?” He asked while trying to avoid eye contact, but I could see his cheeks turn slightly pink again. “Because you were blushing when she was talking to you. Does she even know that you have a girlfriend?” I asked him and he narrowed his eyes at me. “Are you serious right now?” He asked and I started walking frustratedly without waiting for him while saying… “Whatever.” I don’t want to argue with him, but I saw what I saw and it was quite disturbing. I heard his footsteps as he followed me on our way home and he let out a sigh occasionally. “Maya.” He called my name when we reached my house and I turned around to face him with a sigh. “What?” I snapped at him with a cold tone. I can’t help but feel jealous. That girl was beautiful compared to me. I have no chance if she likes him too and wants to get together with him. “Can you please stop?” He asked angrily and I let out a tired sigh. “I am sorry… I am just… I was jealous of the way you looked at her… and I don’t want to lose you.” I told him softly while I was looking at my shoes and he walked closer to me. “Don’t be silly. Even if she is a nice girl, you are the one I love.” He said and lifted my face up to look at him. “I love you.” He added and kissed me softly. “I love you too.” I told him with a small smile, feeling much better now. “Let’s go inside, huh?” I asked and he nodded his head with a smile and we headed inside my house to start the preparations.

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