Chapter 2

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After Wade went home, I was sitting at my spot on a huge rock, staring at the calming water of the pond, while thinking about Wade and that girl. We didn’t talk about her after he reassured me that he loved me, but I can’t help it and feel insecure and jealous as I think back to the way he was looking at her. The last time he looked at me like that was two months ago, when we started dating. There was a small forest, close to our house, with a clearing and a small pond in the middle. Well, that has been my spot since I was little. No one came here, because this forest was dark and scary, even though it was small. There were smaller animals too, but they were harmless. I used to come here when the world was too much to handle and I was ready to c***k. When I was small, I had a dog who had already died, sadly, but once he ran off into this forest and I ran after him, even though I was scared like hell. That was when I found this clearing with the pond and I have come here since then to hang out and clear my mind. This place is my therapist. The forest didn’t scare me anymore, in fact, it calmed me and I felt relaxed as I inhaled the fresh woody scent. I sniffed into the air and I furrowed my eyebrows as I noticed that the smell of the forest was very strong today. I shrugged my shoulders when I thought about the hard rain a few hours ago. That could be the reason for the forest smelling stronger. Either way, I loved it. It was so peaceful and quiet here, that I could even hear the rustling of the leaves when a bunny passed by. This was my favorite place and I wished I could build a cottage here when I was an adult to live here peacefully. I stood up with a sigh and decided to head back since mom would leave soon to catch her flight and it was getting dark anyway. Wade and I cleaned the whole house and prepared some snacks for tomorrow, so I just have a few things to finish before the party starts. “Oh, I thought I would need to leave without saying goodbye as you again left your phone in your room.” Mom said frustratedly as soon as I walked through the front door. “Sorry , mom. I always forget to take it with me.” I told her and she let out a sigh. “It’s okay, sweetie. Stay here for a second, don’t move.” She said, and I took a seat in the living room while she rushed into the kitchen. I guess she was ready to go in anytime now since her luggage was already by the door. “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you, dear Maya. Happy birthday to you.” She sang excitedly as she carried a cake in her hand with sixteen candles on it. It was a beautiful and colourful fruit cake, my favourite. “Thanks , mom.” I thanked her with a huge grin. ‘I hope everything will turn out well in our lives.’ I made my wish before blowing off the candles. “Did you make a wish?” She asked like she does every year. “Yes, I did.” I told her and hugged her as soon as she placed the cake on the counter. “I am so sorry sweetie, but I really need to go. I promise I will take you on a birthday tour as soon as I get back.” She said apologetically. “It’s okay, mom. We have already talked about this. At least I can hold a party because you won’t be here.” I told her playfully and she let out a laugh. “Alright, but don’t burn the house down, please. I will call you.” She said as she picked up her stuff hurriedly. “Don’t worry, mom. Everything will be the same when you come home.” I reassured her with a smile. “Oh, before I forget.” She said and took a gift box out of her pocket and handed it to me. I opened the box to see a beautiful necklace in it with a chain, which formed a howling wolf. “This is beautiful, mom.” I told her with a smile. “I got it from your father before… before he died, and now I want you to have it. He was wearing this thing all the time and loved it with passion, so I was over the moon when he gave it to me. Now it’s yours. Take care of it for me.” She said and kissed my cheek. “Thanks.” I told her and managed to keep my tears in check. “I have to go, I love you.” She said and rushed out of the house while dragging her luggage behind her. I stood in the doorway and waved at her before she got into the cab and disappeared from my sight. I looked at the necklace in my hand and smiled a little before putting it on myself. I really liked it because it was an unisex necklace and not a girlish thing that mom used to get for my birthdays. I closed the front door and locked it before going to the kitchen to have dinner. I went over everything I wanted to prepare for the party, in case I forgot about something, and added a few things which I will still need to do tomorrow. When I was done, I took a shower and went to bed early since I couldn’t wait to be tomorrow already. * *** * “Happy birthday.” All my friends yelled as we reached school with Wade the next morning. “Lower your voices, the last thing I want is for everyone to find out it’s my birthday today and I am having a party,” I whisper-yelled at them, “but thanks.” I added with a smile. “They will find out eventually, so it's better if you prepare more food and drinks, in case that happens.” Violet said, and I think she was right, but it’s not like so many people will fit into our small home. “Oh and put some chairs in the garden as well.” She added and I rolled my eyes. “I don’t want too many people in my house, Violet, so please don’t tell anyone about it.” I pleaded with her, as I know she likes to talk about everything and anything to anyone. “I think you asked too much if it came to her and talking.” Myles said teasingly with a smirk on his face and Violet threw him a look, which made him stop smirking. “Says the one who told everyone about the sale in the game store last year before we could buy the game we wanted to.” Zara said, while she rolled her eyes and I let out a chuckle. “Whatever.” He said, and they walked away to attend their classes. I was about to do the same, but Wade stopped me. He was quiet all this time. “Maya.” He called my name and I turned towards him with a smile. “Yeah?” “Can I invite one of my friends?” He asked nervously. I didn’t mean to scare him away with my speech by asking me that. It’s different if he invites his friends, than when half of the school shows up uninvitedly. “Of course, wh…” before I could ask him who it was, the bell rang. “Crap, I need to go. See you later.” I gave him a quick kiss and ran off to my first class as he did the same. The day went by quickly as I was a bit nervous about the party. By the end of the day, a lot of people knew about it being my birthday today, thanks to Violet. I just hope they didn’t hear about the party as well. “Ready to go?” Wade asked as I walked up to him in front of the school. “Yep. Where …” I wanted to ask ,but he cut me off. “They had already left, saying they would come around eight o’clock,” he said, and I nodded my head. “Alright. Let’s go then.” “See you later. I will come a bit earlier, in case you will need some help.” He said and nodded my head. “Can I sleep over? I don’t want my parents to see me wasted.” He said with a cute chuckle. “Of course. Pack an overnight bag then. You can even stay for the whole weekend if you want to, since mom will come home only on Wednesday.” I told him and he nodded his head with a smile. “Alright, see you later.” He said and kissed my lips before he walked away. I walked into the house and let out a sigh when I realized that I still had a lot to do before everybody arrived, so better to start it right away. “Let’s do this.” I told myself, and started to prepare for the party. I put some decorations here and there. I placed some chairs and two tables outside in the garden, in case someone wants to smoke or just get some fresh air. Then I made some punch which only missed some alcohol. I placed the bowls of snacks on the table and I ordered ten boxes of pizza, which will be here anytime now. I bought a lot of red plastic cups, in case they want to play beer-pong, and I am planning on playing truth or dare, which we used to play at all the parties, along with some drinking games. When I was done with the preparations, everything looked good. I headed upstairs to get ready. It was my birthday so I wanted to look good. I am not the high-heeled type, but I will make an effort today. Anyway, I am at home, so if they are uncomfortable, I will just change into something comfortable, right? I chose a white, fitted, sleeveless dress which reached to mid thighs with a black bolero and my black and white high heels. I straitened my dark blonde hair and put on some brown eyeshadows with eyeliner and mascara. I put on my jewels as well and I wanted to check myself in the mirror but the bell rang. “Coming.” I yelled as I descended the stairs carefully, not to roll down when I was still sober. “Hi.” I beamed at Wade, who just looked at me with wide eyes and hanging jaw, which made me super uncomfortable. “Do I look that bad?” I asked him nervously when he didn’t say a word after a few seconds and he finally snapped out of it. “What? Bad? No, quite the opposite. You look… breathtaking.” He said in awe. “You look handsome as well. Come in.” I opened the door for him to walk in. “Wow, everything looks good.” He said, while he placed the plastic bags he was carrying onto the table. “Thanks, I hope it’s not too much. Should I put these into the fridge?” I asked him, pointing at the plastic bags full of bottles. “Oh, yeah. I will help you.” He said, and we carried everything to the kitchen. I added the alcohol to the punch as well and we just needed to wait till the guests arrived.
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