You, It's You


A story about a guy who doesn't like the feeling of being isolated without a person to talk, touch, and be with. An emotion that he never wanted to feel, All he want is to grow with a person not just by age but also by the way you think, care, and love for each other.

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Chapter 1: What is this feeling
Camera shutting can be heard from a mile in a studio near the street. Where cars honking, people talking, people having meals, on a busy day in New York. "Cut!" Screamed by the person directing a photoshoot. "Thank you, thanks for your hard work." As everyone gets ready to leave the studio. The big lights turning off, the wires getting unplugged, people mumbling, and models groaning as they walk back to the dressing room. "Ugh, another rough day for us." Said a male model. "Yeah they didn't even let us check the shots, what a bummer." Replied by another model getting dressed to go home. "Beau, what are you thinking about?" Asked by the male model. "Why?" Beau replied with an exhausted expression painted on his face. "Bro, you gotta not show that face to the director or you're gonna get scolded again." Said by the man. "I know Bryce, anyways I'm gonna go shower then get dressed, we're gonna hit the bar after this right?" Replied by Beau as he walked towards the bathroom. "Yeah yeah" Bryce returned with a big grin on his face. As everyone leaves and walks towards the streets, goodbye's filled the room. "Let's go," said Bryce as he put his arm around Beau's neck. "Yeah yeah," responded. They walked through the bar on the next street a mile away. The noisy bar fills the street with loud music, drunk people going in and out of it. As soon as they entered the door they got slammed by people walking past them. They did not care. Instead, they move their eyes through the whole bar and tables to look for the people they were supposed to meet up with. A bunch of people waved towards them excitedly, they walked towards the group of friends shouting their names while standing. "Omg Beau!" Said the girl that ran towards him. "Woah, is that really Beau? It's been so long since you went out with us." Said by a guy sitting in a sulking tone. "Well, I've been busy preparing my documents to go back to school." He responded as he sat beside Bryce. "Really? You're going back? Wait, are you gonna study communication and media arts with us again?" The girl said as her eyes widened and smile get bigger. "No, I'll study fashion design and marketing like I always wanted." He replied smiling. "Well if that's the case then this sounds like a celebration." Bryce screamed as he locked his arms to Beau's neck. "Yeah!!!" Everybody raised their glasses, screamed as they laughed and drank altogether. After hours of partying and having fun. Some of them had already left, some were sleeping, and others were gone suddenly. "Bryce, let's go home." Beau grunts as he pulls the drunk Bryce beside him. "Let's party more, you haven't been here with us for a long time." Bryce, on the verge of crying responded. Suddenly, another hand grabbed Bryce with brute force for him to stand. The drunk Bryce fell on Beau's shoulder covering his face and the guy that helped him. "Thank you for your help, Mister." Beau said as he groaned from carrying the big guy on him. He walked towards the street and waited for a ride. "Taxi!" Waving his hands as the taxi approached where he was standing. He pushed Bryce inside the taxi and he let himself get in the taxi too. He gave the address and the taxi started moving, as the taxi moved he suddenly felt something. In his mind something suddenly came in, *It feels so lonely even I just finished drinking with my friends* This thought pops. He looked beside him and he saw Bryce laying down on him but it doesn't feel like we had fun. All throughout the ride he felt lonely and sad. He knocked on a house, Bryce's mom welcomed him but he refused as he said he's feeling dizzy too. He's walking under the flickering light from a broken streetlight. A bench can be seen from where he stands. As he approached it, tears suddenly fell down from his face. He sat on the bench and bawled his eyes out. Thinking about why he is crying, why am I feeling like this, why am I like this, feeling so sad his mind went blank for a second. Not knowing what's happening, he just lets himself cry his eyes out till it dries. As long as he doesn't think of it, it'll pass. He grabbed his phone and opened his notes. He typed. "A sensation I was not aware of; I am overwhelmed by a sense of loneliness. I walked down this alley. Having no idea where to go, or where to go. I was saddened as I sat here. Like the world had ended." These phrases that he typed as his tears fell down the screen and hands. Unable to continue he turned off his phone and stared in a vast space around himself.

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