Oh For Mates Sake

kickass heroine

What would you do when everything you thought you knew was questioned?

Clover Basket was the future Delta of the Sulfur pack. She was not a popular pack member and was due to take her oath in a few days' time. She became an orphan during the Dark War and her unknown heritage was an issue for many pack members. Just because you live somewhere doesn’t make it home. . . When her wolf goes dormant, she is faced with an agonizing decision when she hears the word ‘mate’. Is he her mate, or isn’t he? Clover needs to uncover the truth. Maybe, just maybe she will find the home she always wanted and the love she always needed.

This is a stand alone book that you can enjoy without reading any of my prior stories. This book is however a spin off from my Doctor Series. It takes place in the doctorverse. If you read this book and are curious about the doctorverse please read my other books.

Doctor series

Book 1- Dr. Luna

Book 2- The Fairy's Forbidden Mate

Book 3- Demon War: Rise of the Alpha

Book 4- The Vampires Promised Bride

Book 5- Taming Her Beastly Mate

Book 5 1/2 (Spin Off) Oh For Mates Sake

Book 6 The Lycan Princess (can be found at the end of Taming Her Beastly Mate

Book 7 Her Demon Mate (Has not started yet)

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Chapter 1 The Calm
I watched as his hand began to slide up her skirt. He had this perfect looking beautiful young lady with dark curly hair pushed up against the wall. Her head was thrown back with her back arched in pleasure as he touched her. Her moans barely escaped as the man thrust his tongue in her mouth to muffle the sounds. It was the future Alpha Denny and his model girlfriend, Andrea. And what was I doing? I was stuck. I had diminished my aura at training while practicing my skill then I went to use the bathroom. I was just pulling my pants up when they barged in and started making out against the wall. And through my little c***k, it was all unfolding. I wanted to escape. I didn’t want to watch this. But I had been quiet for too long hoping they would leave. Instead, it only got more intense. Now if I said anything I would look like a per.vert. But if I just waited for them to finish, I felt like one too. I felt my stomach turn. Gosh, I’m going to puke. Their slapping slurping sounds were making me want to hurl. Ewe… and then there was her nasty arousal scent that was filling up the bathroom. I quickly covered my mouth as I felt the gag reflexes kicking in. “Harder Den harder. Oh, my Alpha, YES!” Maybe I can hold my breath and make myself pass out. I just want to die right now. Their frantic slapping sounds grew louder and more desperate. Geez, just finish the deed already. Andrea’s loud squeals were echoing off the walls as he grunted loudly in response. Finally, only the loud sounds of them huffing and puffing were heard. “So, when are you going to announce it?” Andrea said as she began fixing her clothes and hair. “I turn twenty tomorrow. I will announce it right after the Alpha ceremony. No one will be able to object then because I will be the Alpha.” “Okay, perfect! We better get back to the training grounds before your father notices you are missing. I’ll head out first…” Andrea reached up and kissed his lips before she walked out of the restroom. Okay, I was almost out of the woods. I just needed the damn future alpha to leave. “Did you enjoy the show?” Fuck. Maybe he is just guessing. “Clover, I know you are in there.” Shit. This is so humiliating. Now I only have one card I can play and that is… yep period cramps. “You certainly picked a horrible place for that sh.it. Can’t a lady be miserable in peace?” I called out meekly from the bathroom stall. “And if you knew I was in here what the heck!” I suddenly felt angry knowing he continued anyway. “You know my dad doesn’t allow Andrea and I to be together. I have to sneak it in when I can.” Denny walked over to the stall door and tapped on it. “You coming out?” “I’m still deciding if I am going to puke or not.” I leaned against the cold stall door and steadied my breathing. “You are supposed to lead the squad today. Or is my Delta slacking on the job?” He moved around as he tried to peek through the stall cra.ck. Yes, I was his Delta. I trained hard all the time and worked my way through the ranks. For a female to receive a rank other than Luna was a big deal. Unheard of actually. But Denny picked me. More like he insisted on me. Despite the awkward scene I just witnessed we actually had a good relationship. I would even go as far as to say we had a sibling relationship. He looked out for me. So did the Beta, Joey, and the Gamma, Jude. The four of us were close. They were the only ones I had. I didn’t know my family. I was found sometime after the dark war. The reason for the great alliance of the werewolf packs. I guess my parents were killed or in danger? I don’t know. All I was told was the pack took me in as an orphan baby the patrol found. And I have been the reject of the Sulfur pack ever since. You could almost say I worked my way through the ranks out of necessity. Things got better for me once I became the delta though. Better as in I was tolerated but still not liked. “Clover.” He tapped on the door again and with a sigh, I opened it. I watched as an arrogant grin spread over his lips. “Just think of it as a lesson. So, you know what to do in the future.” “Oh, get over yourself Denny. I’m not a virgin. I know exactly how it is done.” I wasn’t expecting the darkness to cover his eyes immediately. His hand reached out, snatching mine as a low growl came from him. “Who?” Was he serious? I looked at him in confusion and tugged on my arm to which he responded by tightening his grip further. “Was it… before you became a Delta? Were you…” I watched as hurt and pain reflected in his eyes. I finally understood. He was worried because of how his pack used to treat me before. But he didn’t need to worry. “Yes, it was before… but… umm… it was with someone from another pack.” It happened at a pack party. I call it a one-night stand gone right. It was perfect. Though I know nothing of this person. Just that his name is Conrad. I looked up as Denny let go of me, sighing with relief. He ran his hand through his hair and nodded slightly. “Just as long as… anyways. I think this sort of talk exceeds my comfort zone.” He cleared his throat as I let out a dry laugh. “Well, it is better than the X-rated show I had to just witness.” I raised my eyes up at him in a challenge. “Tomorrow I will be given the reins and the Alpha power will shift to me. Once my father steps down, I won’t have to hide anymore…” “You really love her, don’t you?” I smiled at him as he nodded his head. It was obvious Denny was smitten with her. And why wouldn’t he be? She was beautiful, sweet, and kind to everyone. She was even nice to me. Though I knew she was a bit jealous of me living in the packhouse. Which I guess was natural. I didn’t have anything against her, to be honest. We just didn’t really have a relationship. Even though they had been together for years… they were now trying to keep their relationship a secret from Denny’s dad. His mother was killed during the dark war, so he was raised by his father. “My dad wants me to find my mate though. He said the bond between fated mates is something an Alpha must-have. He doesn’t understand what I feel when I am with her. But once I am Alpha it won’t matter because I can claim whoever I want as my mate.” I was proud of Denny. He wasn’t bending to the will of his father and was paving his own way. He wanted to be an original leader and not the shadow of his father. His father wasn’t a bad leader. He was strong, wise, and just. And it was on his order that I was taken in, so I never had ill feelings towards him. He could be rough on Denny though, but I think it was to prepare him for the Alpha position. It is a tough role, and you need to have a level of resilience for the position. There would be a time when tough decisions would have to be made. And he wanted Denny ready for that. “Well, isn’t this sweet? The Delta and the Alpha in the ladies restroom…” Joey said walking in with a smirk. “Alpha Scott is looking for his son to lead the patrol out so you may wanna-” Joey didn’t even get to finish his sentence as Denny flew past him. He turned and looked at me and wiggled his brows playfully. “Is this a thing?” “Shut up Joey.” I giggled as I walked up to his side. We were both staring at the door where Denny had disappeared. Joey was a lot taller than I am. He is about 6’2 with brown wavy hair and excellent shoulders and biceps. Hey, I can appreciate a work of art and he was one. Of course, then you have me. I had brown straight hair and was about 5’6. I had bright blue eyes and a toned thin body. I wasn’t exactly unattractive. Had I been born here in the pack I am certain I would have had many dates. But no one wanted to date the mutt of unknown origins. “Do you think Alpha Scott will just accept his decision after he becomes the Alpha?” “It isn’t our battle Clover. This is between them. And no matter what we will be there for Denny. They are family. They will work it out.” “I hope so Joey… I hope so.” I was worried about what was to come. Tomorrow was supposed to be a day of celebration. Not only was it Denny’s birthday but he was getting the official Alpha title. But I couldn’t shake the feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was like foreshadowing something big and I felt uneasy. Later that evening we were all at the packhouse. I moved into the packhouse after I was picked as a Delta. And let me tell you how much better I have it now at the packhouse. I am eating 3 full-course meals and someone else does my laundry. I also don’t have to clean anymore. I used to work as a maid here in order to get by. And I also worked in the kitchen. Basically, I took as many jobs as I could, and I still struggled. I walked out of my room to grab a snack before bed. This was another novelty I picked up after living here. As I crept into the kitchen Denny came in from the back kitchen door. He looked startled at first but immediately relaxed seeing me. “Geez again?” I rolled my eyes as I grabbed some juice and chips. He only shrugged and gave me a cheesy grin. “You are eating again too. I just have another appetite that needs to be filled.” “Too much information. Gross. Especially after today…” I already had the vision fresh in my head, so it popped in there all too easily. On second thought I don’t think I am hungry anymore. I sat the chips back on the counter with a small frown. “Everything will be better after tomorrow.” His voice sounded a bit uncertain though and I could tell he was worried about it. “Everything will be better. And you will have access to bedrooms. With closed doors and locks. Which means I won’t have to burn my eyes with some sort of chemical in the future.” I tried to lighten the mood and I could see by his smile it worked. “Now where are you going to get your substance for self-loving?” He said with a smirk. “I guess I’m going to have to find a mate out there somewhere. But no one from this pack. I don’t think anyone here even likes me.” I chuckled but stopped seeing his serious expression. “If anyone is still bothering you…” “No, no one is. But that doesn’t mean I am their favorite person. And obviously, my mate isn’t here. I don’t know my official birthday, but I have to be at least twenty now too, right?” I shrugged slightly. “Not that my mate would want me if he was here. Who wants a wolf of unknown origins?” He was looking at me with sympathetic eyes. I didn’t want him to look at me like that. I wasn’t having a pity party. That isn’t what this was about. “Not that I am interested in anyone here anyways. It is what it is. It's fine. So don’t look at me like that.” “I’m sorry for how you have been treated. We were blind to it for so long. I won’t tolerate it at all. I will be the Alpha after tomorrow and if I ever hear of anyone mistreating you… heaven help them. You aren’t just one of my officers. You are like a sister to me. And no one mistreats my family.” I smiled at him appreciatively. “I think of you as an annoying brother too.” “Oh, annoying? Should you be saying that to your Alpha?” “No, but I can with my brother.” There was a nice comfortable atmosphere between us. One that I hoped we would always have. I have always wanted to feel accepted. And growing up not having a family I had a strong desire for one. I often begged to be accepted. I wanted to feel loved so badly. Finally, I had it. The future Alpha, Beta, and Gamma were my family. I am sure that once Denny takes Andrea as his Luna she will feel better too. She was a bit anxious with me so close to Denny. She fought with Denny when he chose me as his Delta. Surprisingly, Denny stuck up for me fiercely. She was the one to back down and since then has tried to at least acknowledge me to some degree. It wasn’t her fault. The whole pack treated me like I was the plague. But she loved Denny enough that she was trying to work on a relationship with me. And if she was going to be the Luna it would be nice to have a friendship with her. “Get some sleep, Clover. Tomorrow is my special day. You better have gotten me an awesome gift. I want something heartfelt. Actually… I want you to make me chocolate chip pancakes tomorrow. That’s an order from the birthday boy.” I chuckled and shook my head. He could be exasperating at times. “Fine, I’ll make breakfast tomorrow. But I also got you something little for your birthday.” “What is it?!” “You have to wait until tomorrow.” I grinned as we walked up the stairs together. We all stayed on the same floor. Joey and Jude stayed on this floor too. It was also expected that we would raise our families here as well. The Alpha needed to have quick access to his officers so naturally, we all lived in the packhouse. “Good night, Clover.” Denny patted my head and walked past me leaving me at my door. I went inside and crawled into my luscious soft bed. Yes, life here was good. Little did I know that after today everything in my life would slowly begin to change.

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