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Feshikha Katana Pax is a happy-go-lucky childish and a li'l bit of a clumsy teenage girl that wants nothing except for making people around her happy. She's a kind of girl that will sacrifice everything for other people, especially for her family and friends. She's a kind of girl that even if everyone hates her, she still loves them. And because of her kindness, she's her family and friend's weakness. She's like a glass, so fragile if someone or something hurt her.

For her, love can wait so she waited but unexpectedly, she accidentally met a cold snobbish jerk named Priel Galen Rafandra, because of her clumsiness they became enemy. Then here comes the famous belief that 'The more you hate, The more you love.' Is that even possible?

Despite of her childish acts, is she ready to experience love?

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A SOPHISTICATED elegant woman was sitting quietly in a swivel chair while reading important documents when someone knocked on her office door.

She hadn't even answered when it suddenly opened and her second daughter, Nyzhiel entered. "Mom, We will bring her to the Philippines." Gwen was surprised by what her daughter said. She raised an eyebrow at her as if he was asking if her daughter was just kidding.

Gwen stared at her daughter seriously but Nyzhiel didn't move nor blink, she was just staring intently at her mother's bluish-gray eyes.

Gwen sighed and adjusted her seat "No." She said shortly while shaking her head in opposition to her wishes.

Nyzhiel became hysterical. "What?! You have no right to forbid me from what I want to do especially for my child!" Nyzhiel folded his arms and looked sharply at Gwen, as if she isn't her mother.

Gwen leaned closer to the table "I have the rights, the day you abandoned your child Nyzhiel."

Nyzhiel was taken back, but still manage to have composure. "I-I didn't disown my child, Ma." Nyzhiel defended herself, stuttering.

"Oh really? Is that why you kicked her out of your house, " Gwen said full of sarcasm, "You evicted her and I was the one who took care of her, Nyzhiel. You're her mother but you don't act like one." Gwen muttered coldly.

"Why can't you understand me?! I needed to move on! And I can't do that when she who I always see!" Nyzhiel couldn't help but raise her voice to her mother because of the annoyance and anger she was feeling.

"And for you to move on is to abandon her?! I was left with no choice but to take her here because no one will! You abandoned her! You refused to give the love she was looking for. How shameless of you! I didn't raise you like that, Nyzhiel!" Gwen shouted at her daughter.

Nyzhiel's lips were trembling, her eyes are also turning red but stopped herself from tearing up in front of her mother. "Just...Just let me do what I want, Ma." Nyzhiel's voice calmed down. "I-I need her..."

"And now you need her, huh?" Gwen said, sarcastically.

Gwen's lips formed a smirk. "No, and that's final. I won't let you do what you've done years ago." Gwen glared at her daughter.

"This is ridiculous---" before Nyzhiel could finish her sentence, they heard someone screaming.

"GrannyUmma! I'm home!" The mother and daughter looked at each other when they heard the voice of Feshi, Gwen's grandaughter and Nyzhiel's second child.

They heard fast steps approaching, they thought maybe it was running. Not long after, the door opened and Feshi came, who was in her student uniform, she was in the ninth grade but still acts like a toddler.

Feshi ran up to her grandmother and kissed her cheek then waved. She didn't notice her mother whose arms are crossed.

"Sweety you have a visitor," Gwen said sweetly, Feshi looked at her confused.

"Who is it, GrannyUmma?" Instead of answering, Gwen just looked at Nyzhiel to one side.

Confused, Feshi looked after her grandmother. Her black eyes widened, she rubbed her eyes and blinked a couple of times, she wanted to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

Her mood suddenly lit up. She ran to her mother, Nyzhiel. "Waaaah! Umma! Omo! Is this true?! Oh My God!" Feshi shrieked and hugged her mother tightly.

While Nyzhiel's eyes widened in shock. When she recovered from the shock, she hugged her daughter back, it took a few moments for her to pat Feshi's shoulder to release the hug.

She felt as if there was something wet on her clothes, and there she saw her daughter crying, she looked away and her mother's eyes met just as she was staring intently at them as mother and daughter.

It breaks her heart to see her daughter crying. "Hush now, sweetheart," she slowly moved away but Feshi hugged her more tightly than a while ago. "Don't you want Umma to be here that's why you're crying? Hmm?" Nyzhiel gently caressed Feshi's hair while still hugging her.

Feshi shook her head, "I-I'm happy. I-It's just t-that I ca-n't believe t-that y-you're here in f-front of m-me." She sobbed.

Feshi broke free from the hug and asked her mother why she was here. Nyzhiel caressed her daughter's cheek before answering, "We will go to the Philippines, hija," as Feshi heard her mother's words her face lit up even more.

"Really, Umma?! I'm going to see kambal and Hera?! Omo! I'm so excited! When are we going home?! Am I going to pack now?! Am I already there—" Nyzhiel cut her daughter off, she can't handle her daughter's excitement.

She suddenly felt sad and guilty, this was one of the things he didn't know about her daughter, being talkative and childish. When she was young she was like this, talkative.

"Yes, sweetheart, you will see Hera and Trigger...actually Trigger is here now, he came with me but Hera...is not there since she still has school to attend and by the way, she said she misses you. You will come home with us when you finish the 9th grade here okay?" Nyzhiel explained, "And no, you won't pack your clothes."

Feshi gave her mother a nod, feeling disappointed yet she couldn't contain her happiness but that was only for a moment because she gradually became sad when she remembered something.

"Umma, how about my friends? I don't want to leave them here." Feshi mumbled, sadly.

Nyzhiel and Gwen looked at each other. Gwen stood up from her swivel chair. "Don't worry sweety I'll handle it. I'm sure your friends will come with you" she reassured Feshi.

"Really, GrannyUmma?!" She exclaimed in glee. "Gee! Thank you! I'mma gonna visit my friends!" Feshi was about to leave the room but Gwen stopped her and told her to change before leaving.


"OMO, bessies! We're going to study in the Philippines! Kyaaah!" Sitty, Feshi's friend shrieked happily as they walked together with their friends on Hongdae Street.

"Yeah, right! It's like a dream to me!" Lei held Hana's shoulders and shake them aggresively. Irritated, Hana released Lei's grip on her shoulder making Miks giggle.

"It's a good thing that our parents agreed that we'll study together in the Philippines, right?" Hana beamed at Miks while speaking.

"True! It's a good thing that we're going to study in the Philippines." Miks agreed.

While Feshi, on the other hand, was busy happily jumping while walking. She couldn't hear what her friends were talking about because of the excitement and fun she was feeling at that time.


She was about to turn her head but that was interrupted when someone who was skateboarding bumped into her. Her friends hurriedly ran towards her.

"Are you okay?"

"Waaaah! Are you dumb? Didn't you saw that I was crushed by that skateboarder boy then you're going to ask me if I'm o-okay?!" Feshi's friends winced because of her acts. They looked at the skateboarder and realized it was a man but they couldn't see his face because he was wearing a cap and facemask.

'I will get my revenge on you, Mr. Skateboarder! I'll let my shi tzu bite you!' Feshi said in her

mind before standing up and marching away.

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