The Alpha’s Rejected Mate

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“I, Alpha Damien Karstone, reject you as my mate.”

Silver, werewolf without a wolf is ridiculed and abandoned by her family and pack because of her inability to get a wolf. She is seen as a cursed witch. Her life gets even worse when the Alpha’s son, Damien rejects her as his mate for her sister. His reason? She is not good enough for him.

What happens when the moon goddess gives her a new mate, a far more powerful one, mocking all those that rejected and abandoned her. BUT, there was a problem. She doesn’t recognize him as her mate.

Will this new mate be able to guard her heart and heal her broken soul or will he turn out to be worse than her previous mate?

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Silver’s POV “ I, Alpha Damien Karstone, reject you as my mate.” In the depths of his piercing gaze, I could see no hint of compassion as he spoke those soul shattering words. It was a phrase I dreaded, one I prayed so hard to evade. My voice trembled as I attempted to form a coherent response, careful to avoid the prying eyes of the surrounding wolf pack, whose glares had transformed from disdain to mocking amusement. Their collective distaste for my presence was palpable. “W-why?” I managed to stammer, my words faltering amidst the sea of onlookers. But deep down, I already knew the answer, didn’t I? Damien sneered, his voice dripping with contempt and revulsion. “Why?” “Can you all hear her?” He shouted for everyone to hear, laughing in my face and they all chuckled in response, agreeing with whatever he had to say. “You are weak and useless, silver. It is Tiffany I’m in love with and you already know this. Unlike you, she has a wolf and is more than capable of protecting this pack. She is fit to be a Luna but you? What can you offer?” With a mocking jab of his finger against my shoulder, I stumbled backward, my heart sinking with each step. I could no longer hide my tears as my vision became blurry. The echoes of laughter reverberated through the air, mocking me. “Accept it, Silver. Accept the rejection.” Tiffany’s voice pierced through the crowd, her eyes burning with a seething hatred that made me wonder if we were actually sisters. Perhaps, she never considered me as one. But then again, we had nothing in common. While she possessed an ethereal beauty with her golden hair and sapphire gaze, her flawless figure and porcelain skin, I, in stark contrast, had a dull black hair with brown eyes, large breasts, wide hips and a big butt. The torment of being labelled as ‘ fat ’ haunted me relentlessly and their venomous words seeped into my soul, leaving me to cry myself to sleep every night. Damien’s grip on my arm tightened, his fingers digging into my flesh, inflicting pain upon me. “ Accept the rejection, Sliver.” He spat, his voice dripping with anger. “Don’t make me force you.” “I…I accept the rejection.” I choked out, my voice trembling as I crumbled to the ground, my tears flowing uncontrollably. My heart felt as if it might burst from the weight of anguish and my body became an anchor, dragging me deeper into despair. The hours that followed passed in a haze, a blur of pain and sorrow. While for the others, it was a day of Jubilation as Damien took on the position of an Alpha, with my sister Tiffany by his side as his luna. I retreated into my room, finding solace in the confines of my closet, shutting myself away from the world. I had no mate, no wolf, no family to call my own and no pack. What was left for me? “Don’t give me that look. I can’t keep feeding a child as useless as you. Can’t you see that you’re a baggage to this family? You’re already 19 but still do not have a wolf. You don’t even have a mate, silver, and to make matters worse, the Alpha’s son rejected you Infront of the whole pack. You’re a disgrace to this family.” My father spat to my face, his hatred evident by his cold glare. “My decision is final. You leave this pack by tomorrow. I want nothing to do with you.” He says harshly without even sparing me a glance. “Dad.. please. Where will I go? I have no one. There’s no where to go!” I cried out for fear of being killed as a rogue wolf. I had expected this but I didn’t think it would happen this fast. My father was the Beta of the pack, this meant that he was second in command. He was to be respected and worshipped but instead people mocked him secretly for having a cursed daughter. Of all the three children he had, I was the only unlucky one, cursed to be mateless and wolfless forever. “That doesn’t matter to me. You should thank the moon goddess that I’m not killing you myself. It would be much better to get rid of you that way. Things would have been much better if you were half as perfect as your sister.” He snarled, gritting his teeth in disgust. I shift my eyes to my mother, begging for a response but she says nothing as she is as weak and helpless as I am in this matter. “I do not want to catch even the slightest scent of you in this house by tomorrow.” He said and pushed me to the side before walking back to his room. This isn’t the first time he’s making threats like this but this time around, it felt different. “Where does he expect me to go, mum?” I cry, my head was starting to ache from how much I had cried in the last two hours. “The goddess will look after you.” Is all mum says as she follows her mate. I broke down into more tears. What did I ever do to deserve this life? I didn’t bring any of this upon myself so why? I hear hushed voices from my parent’s room and I can already tell that they were having an argument, it was probably my mother trying to change my father’s mind on his decision to abandon me. Though she didn’t act like it, I knew she loved me the most. The rest of the pack was still asleep after the party yesterday so there was really no one to witness what just happened. Lifting my body from the floor, I drag myself to my room and throw myself on the bed and close my eyes, hoping that I’ll never wake up. I couldn’t bring myself to commit suicide regardless of how frequently I thought about it. There was always something stopping me. Holding me back from making that decision. Now, all I could do was pray that the moon goddess would take my life herself and put an end to all my sufferings. Less than an hour later, there is a loud bang on the door, pulling me out of my sleep. I hurry to the door knowing that whoever was behind the door was going to beat the hell out of me if I didn’t open. It didn’t matter who it was. It could be a mere servant but in this pack, they were in a higher position than I, the beta’s daughter. As I open the door, my breath hitches and I take a few steps backwards in fear. What is he doing here? “Do you have a f*****g death wish?” A growl leaves his lips as he barges in. His palm meets my face with a force that sends me sprawling to the ground. Pain surges through my cheek, a burning reminder of his dominance. “I-I’m sorry, Alpha. I didn’t hear you knock as I was asleep.” I stammer, trying to explain but that only infuriates him more and pulls me roughly by my hair, his grip like iron and hurls me back onto the unforgiving floor. “I see the rejection from yesterday didn’t have that much effect on you, seeing as you have no trouble sleeping.” He sneers, his voice dripping with disdain. I close my eyes, trying desperately to escape the memories of his brutal rejection, the searing pain it caused both in and out. “That’s not why I’m here, by the way. You do not deserve my presence.” Alpha Damien, my mate who ruthlessly rejected me in front of the entire pack says and I feel a jab in my heart. The pain I felt physically could not be compared to the emotional damage he had done to me. “We’ll be having a meeting with the Alpha of the black shadow pack here in the pack house.” He says and I gasp, my eyes widening in disbelief. The black shadow pack is the biggest wolf pack in the country. They have been for centuries now and their new Alpha, Alpha Lucian was rumored to be the devil’s son. He was literally the coldest and most ruthless Alpha to ever exist, a stark contrast to his handsome features, I heard. Not that I would know, I have never laid my eyes on him before and honestly, I didn’t want to. “This a very important meeting for the pack and we cannot ruin it for anything. I do not want to risk our chances of gaining their trust my letting them know that we have a cursed witch who hasn’t gotten her a wolf yet and was also rejected. You’ll be locked up in here until he leaves. I’ll kill you myself if you step out of this room. Am I clear?” He says and I nod quickly. I would be leaving the pack in a few hours so I might as well just stay in here until the next day. “Good. It’s such a waste that you’re cursed. You have a body fit to be fucked.” He smirks evilly, touching the swell of my large breasts but I dare not flinch if I want my face to be without bruises. “I’ll be back after the meeting. You might no longer be my mate but it doesn’t mean that I cannot enjoy you, silver. Let’s not waste all of this.” He palms my breasts and smirks evilly, his eye filled with lust and desire.

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