A Sitting

3105 Words

“Grandmaster, what I meant to say is, although many experts came after us, big sis simply saw it as an opportunity to get rid of a nuisance for Grandmaster”. Zax almost jokingly continued, all to not arouse the flames of fury if this third realm expert in front of him. A gleam of contentment shone Grandmaster Kartion’s eyes and a light growl escaped his mouth, as if complementing Zetsa’s way of thinking by saying “as expected”. “At first we easily escaped from their encirclement and then, big sis sent me to find big brother Raroen while she and big brother Tularg lured the pursuers to continue following them”. Zax also saved up on words and did not dare to mention Tularg’s weak state. “After getting to the adjoining cave, big brother Raroen found me before I could find him. It was the f

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