Under The Pavilion

2369 Words

“Martial son, you already knows about Laivien, don’t you?” Kartius was in the lead as the two entered the Essence Cave, passing through the smoky mist without any sign of deterioration from its acidic properties. In the past, the existence of Laivien was an issue Grandmaster Kartion did not permit to converse with outsiders, that is, individuals that were not part of the household and the selected few Krikitories that tended to her. Now that Grandmaster Kartion accepted Zax, Kartius could talk to him freely about any of the household’s matters. Naturally, he would not weigh on him all of the household’s problems, otherwise it my harm his concentration during cultivation. Thus, for the time being, Kartius decided to only properly introduce Laivien. “Yes…” Zax’s voice was a bit shaky. He

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