Kloky’s Decision

2362 Words

“A fourth level Martial Mortal?” Kloky was so bewildered that he could not believe. “Where is he or she? Can he sense us?” Whether it was true or not, it was more important to stay safe. “It’s a He, surprisingly a Bishop of the church. I thought unless they receive permission, Martial Mortal members of the five powers aren’t allowed to intrude on each other territory”. Zax said as he concentrated on making sure his dark attribute energy enhanced Soul Sense remains at an undetectable range. “A Bishop in Valgarel?” Bonjier had an incredulous look. “Let’s retreat out of the boundary of this makeshift natural occurring formation”. Kloky instructed, despite they being on a schedule. “We can’t! I won’t! My family and friends are soon to arrive from New Earth. I won’t let them get caught by t

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