Gidon’s Dawn And Dusk

2700 Words

“Cardinal Nonsup, we are ready”. A short, plump nun from Luminous Church’s crew notified with hands beneath the loose sleeves of her silver robe. “Go ahead and wait by the pathway”. The gorgeous Bishop Nonsup instructed and when the plumped, Peak Core Master abided him, his line of sight dropped to the bloody figure at his feet. “Sinister Chain…” He mused and revised the information he extorted from the dead Donkey. Encountering her was pure coincidence and deciding to interrogate her was done on a whim. Nevertheless, who would have thought that he actually caught a rat in the midst of group operation to steal the cheese? ‘His grace the Archbishop’s suspicions were correct. The chain new recruit came from New Earth’. Not all of it was conclude by solely what he managed to force out of

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