Panic! Godly Retribution

2070 Words

‘Be prepared to make your move, Zax!’ Kloky and Bonjier urged his fallen façade of an old, lanky man. ‘We only have time to generate a strike to distract him. Subsequently, we’ll leave back to the pathway”, while in the Companion’s Link formation they combined soul could vaguely skim the visage within the Bewildering Archons Magic formation. “And it would be up to you to draw him far and for as long as possible. Transporting your family and friends to the base will take a week at the fastest!’ ‘When you are ready’. Zax sent back. He already recovered from his major injuries, but has not found the opportunity to catch Bishop Nunsup from behind and it was still unclear in which ear he keeps the communicator. Bishop Nunsup advanced in a moderate flying pace toward the two, giving them enoug

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