Second Oath

2378 Words

It would be a lie to claim that Zax’s imperious dark physique form, the Dark Titan Storm’s second stage, managed to utterly cover the stir that rippled from his heart. ‘Eliminating Luminous Church…’ The oath was made in the spur of the moment, but it was not as if he was unware of the words coming out of his mouth or had no intention of following through with them. Simply, he was too weak and also had to consider the real chiefs which each of the five powers could turn to for help, the Immortal powerhouses behind them. Eliminated the church should be done progressively. ‘No! The church is wicked, vile to those who don’t share its fate’. Rockwell’s background was just one story that can be told about the church’s intent toward those they label as “Heathens”. ‘It and the other powers ar

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