New Earth’s Catastrophe

2104 Words

They were complacent. They thought that they could hide, that there is a place to hide, and when it will but be enough, they could negotiate. But the fact of life was indisputable; Mortals cannot stand up to Immortals. … When the world began to stir that was when they knew the reinforcement of the five powers arrived. The destruction of the Three Locks formation had allowed the true coming out of the Godly Law Template, not just the mere apparition of its aura, and the focal points from which it surged to reassemble were the Heavy Water Pools of the former Down Ocean, the core region of the Earthly Crater and the second Savage Cave of New Earth. New Earth was impregnable by mortal’s standards, perhaps even Immortal’s, but not God’s. The quakes it experienced from the upsurge of Godly

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