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Zax pondered on the possibility of trading the Solar Basil Leaf for Yurnal’s Black Core. Regardless of the chain’s Second Leader’s thoughts on the bizarre Earth’s Core and wanting to keep it for his son, without the remaining three, it will only limit his cultivation path. In contrast, the Solar Basil Leaf will reconstruct his physique and improve his affinity, make it tremendously a lot easier to understand the fiery attribute. “You- You- already used the Diluted Element?” The shock on Gid Chu’s, Yurnal’s and all the others’ faces was mutual. “Wasn’t the Diluted Element the treasure made personally by an Immortal?” Someone asked in a deep undertone. “It is… was. I partook in the trials, under a disguise. I even heard from someone who stayed in the Grand Abode and got to see them up cl

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