Reviewing And Fairness

2353 Words

In the evening, as a Nightly Cover formation, much like those in Kingdom Earth, was activated, the ceiling of the undersea cave shimmered and gradually dimmed to star full, dark blue sky panoramic view. Zax was sitting by himself at the garden of Gadgel’s and Xiao Kirin’s family home. He requested the peace and quiet without telling why or needing to. Basically, he just wanted the comfort of being alone and rest his mind, until Gid Chu will call him and the imminent confrontation between him and Yurnal, over the Black Core, will commence. ‘Zax, please come to the central edifice’. Gid Chu’s voice was transmitted via the communicator. Lingering for one or two breath on the wooden chair he sat on, Zax pressed the armrests and pushed himself up. … They were waiting in A-1.4.1 vault, a tr

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