Facing The Eighteen

1778 Words

The beam was thick as a finger, which is why it could be so precise and also disperse its trail really fast. Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya only felt a pinch at her back before the entire ordeal was over… the shot that pierced a hole in her dantian and fractured all of her mist channels. “Wh- Who just attacked me?!” Paled face and outraged, she swept the Solar System with her gaze in a slow motion. Her eight attackers ceased their assault, so she was not pressed on guarding herself in the midst of searching for the culprit. She saw the flickering red lights fading from the muzzle of the Astral Minor Ray cannon and a group of spaceships spreading across the space zone of her Star while twenty one figures departing from them. ‘Aiken…!’ She expected a response from her, but not one so

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