Dogmatic Persuasion

1978 Words

The one sided exchange was two days long. When it ended, Yurnal left got up, briefly look at his son and Mernug before concentrating his gaze at Supreme Ruler Ar Yen and then leaving. Another two days later, Elijah got up from his crossed legged sitting position and met with Supreme Ruler Ar Yen. Yimin and Mernug were in an unconscious state, compelled by Supreme Ruler Ar Yen’s soul technique, which only affected the latter because it was enforced on him by direct contact. “Well, was it worth it?” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen, looking hopeful. “Not that soon. In the near future today’s actions would bear their fruits”. Elijah said languorously, still slightly under the effect of submerging in the profound insights he received and brief meditation that followed. “Yurnal not once asked for your

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