Establishment Of The Three Valleys

1928 Words

“Not… one?” Zax was upset. “Zero”. Eighteenth Haberta insisted. “Although, to be completely honest, throughout the infinite years of the Three Valleys, there have been less than a thousand known Infernal Immortals and two hundred Celestial Immortals. Today, with you, there are only seven known Infernals and three Celestials. And since the prerequisite to cultivate Legacy Of The One’s Path is to be either one of the two, you can probably not count ten cultivators who ever practiced it”. “Those numbers are too small to determine the impossibility of an Infernal attaining Godhood”. Zax retorted. “On the surface. Infernal and Celestial Immortals can easily become Peerless in their rank and as Peerless Neonate Immortals, with their perception, formulating a law or two is not the problem, det

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