Leaving To The Elite Tryouts

2444 Words

“Do you really have to? Do you really have to? Please stay, big bro! My birthday… I want to celebrate with you again!” Liz’s big round eyes were moist as she did her best to hold back the tears. Zax kneeled and took her hand. “I’m sorry, Liz, I have to”. He drew her to his arms. “I’ve obligations”. He hated his choice of words, what was she, then? ‘I’m doing it so one day we’ll be able to be together, wherever, whenever, without a worry in the world. It’s all for the betterment if my loved ones’. He consoled himself. “Look at me”. He pulled her tiny chin up. “Let’s make a promise. There will not be bad news about me, anymore, and I promise to return in a half a year, at the longest”. He exhibited a sincere and confident countenance, but sighed inwardly. Mere six months to an eight years o

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