The First Stage Of The Three Stages Of Hyper Physique

2260 Words

‘Beginner second level Martial Mortal’. After exchanging hundreds of blow with Grandmaster Kartion, Zax finally breached the bottleneck between the first and second Martial Mortal level. Of course it did not mean that Grandmaster Kartion at his best was stronger or equal to a Peak first Level Martial Mortal. In fact, since Zax threw the first blow with the strength of Peak first Level Martial Mortal it instantly became an experiment of how long Grandmaster Kartion could bear the suppression and what it would ultimately take for him to surrender. BOOM! Zax replicated his first strike, an open palm to Grandmaster Kartion’s skull, and drew a distance afterwards. “Argh!” Grandmaster Kartion’s groaned and staggered. For a brief moment he became motionless, losing the luster in his eyes. “I p

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