Unreasonable Request

2326 Words

“The fifth step of Kinetic Force, Martial son, your body is still not strong enough to handle a successive utilization of it. But it doesn’t mean that you should shy from cultivating it. Train in your mind; let your soul reach perfect familiarity with the fifth step for instantaneous execution. Essentially, it would take a long period of time before you will be capable of using the fifth step as well as the initial steps, but until then, you can rely on the fifth step as a method of last resort, one attack and a price to change the flow of a battle in your favor”. These were Kartius’s guiding words for Zax with regards to the fifth step of Kinetic Force. … “Remember, Zax, when you go beyond your limits and manage to stand up again, as a bodily cultivator there is no better form of temper

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