The Different Faces Of Supreme Ruler Ariel

2407 Words

“Sir… Supreme Ruler…” Zax was stumped and the words to phrase simple sentences got stuck in his throat. If not in the beginning, then after the Martial competition started, it turned out to mean quite a great deal for Zax.  After being enticed to test his prowess against the other remarkable experts, discovering the grandeur of the top three prizes and the identity of the man responsible for Carl’s death, Zax had enough motivation to pull himself together. “You ask me to forfeit the Martial competition?” He asked in a wavering tone, hinting a bit of reluctance, a bit of willingness and a bit of pleading to not force him. Supreme Ruler Ariel was placidly seating beside Zax’s bed. He did not oppress him with his area or the demeanor of his unparalleled status; it was partly why Zax was ab

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