Collaboration For The Perfect Dark Attribute’s Essence

2747 Words

“Wait, senior, please excuse my, Vobar’s, impertinence!” The white Stone Clawed Bear, Vobar, wanted to retreat, but he was already caught by Sister Beatriz’s green mantle. Not just on Vobar befell a dire sense of nervousness. Many of the experts who were after the wraith that Sion’s party captured, were trapped by the green mantle. Furthermore, discovering that it was raised by a third level Martial Mortal has gone beyond their expectation. Those who could stay hidden did so readily. Those who could not, backed as far away as possible, praying for this calamity to pass. Sister Beatriz ignored Vobar. “The Almighty is fair”. His Young Eminence said as he slowly advanced forward, spreading his arm to the sides in a welcoming manner, while having a solemn expression. “Defeat me and you may

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