Senior Ohar

2003 Words

“Fine, you can go to New Earth”. “It’s not ‘fine’, uncle, I’m not giving up until I’ll go to New Earth- Eh! Wait, you have way for me to actually go?” Bin Bin snapped in delight and next to him Liminton also had a look of surprise plastered on his face. “I could not help you in the past, but today I was persuaded to make some effort”. Sheldon nodded. Inwardly he was quite gratified for this opportunity he cleverly came up with the idea to manipulate in order to kill two birds with one stone. “Wait a few days with the others from your deputation. I’ll call you when everything is ready and have you sent to Rising City as my agent”. “But how will I get access to the pathway to New Earth, uncle?” Bin Bin quizzed, as he knew that Zax do not care about Sheldon’s status, much less those who ac

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