The Second To Approach

2293 Words

“It can’t be!” The former, composed and adult like voice of Sister Iaura retorted. “But it is!” The juvenile voice further repressed the other voice. “He deserves it!” Sister Iaura’s expression convulsed as the white gleam in her eyes dimmed and a blue hue took its place. She pulled twin black pistols from under her garments, similar in their design to her intricate silver blue pistols, and flung the short barrels, aiming at Zax. When she got captured, Zax confiscated her spatial ring and failed to find any other spatial object on her person, yet she somehow managed to conceal the pistols and perhaps more stuff. From the pain, the turn of events that seems like a ploy and her unbridled behavior, Zax became livid. He swung his arm, knocking the pistols from her hands and grabbed her thr

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