Plain Refusal

1978 Words

“Pray with you? Save me?” Zax glared at Sister Iaura as if she was a fanatic madwoman. “In this remote, undeveloped Star it is expected for misunderstandings to manifest. Per my duty, allow me to serve you my little share of insight”. Sister Iaura’s smile grew charming and her eyes almost crescent. From a rather young lady with childish qualities to a pious devotee, the overall transformation made it seems as though she was possessed. Before Zax’s eyes her demeanor again changed to that of a teacher with an air of patience. ‘What’s with her?’ The more Sister Iaura expressed her inner self, the more confused Zax became. It dawned on him that although he initially evaluated her as a spoiled, probably greater prodigy than Stelero Mars; despite her looks and general conduct, she in fact was

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