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“Tsk!” The towering figure of an olive skinned, blond haired woman, shielded by a piece of glowing armor and skinny white pants with silver strings, stood midair and clucked her tongue irritably. To her back she wore a short, white mantle that reflected light. “A bunch of reckless idiots!” She cursed as her gaze mused on a distant location. “The Mercenary Association’s and army’s careful planing has gone down the drain all because of the greed and ignorance of loose cultivators”. White aura emitted from her body. “Is there a point for you to keep lurking?” She composed her tone, but not the aggression in her aura. BOOM! WHOOSH! A mountain wall collapsed and a blue silhouette flashed from within the crushing boulders, moving to an exposed mountain side. “So troops dispatched you”. The

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