White Dwarf

2711 Words

“We can actually cross the entire ridge like this!” Zax exclaimed. “It used to be the easiest way to travel from one village or tribe to another, preferable than leaving the comfort interior of the mountains and crisscrossing their rough terrain”. For the past six days, the duo traversed the ridge through the excavated tunnels in the mountains. The experience reminded Zax of New Earth and despite the risk of encountering wraiths and the lack of Sun Stones to illuminate the surrounding, it still aroused a soothing feeling in his heart. Fengar walked at the front, holding a torch. He could use his aura, even just a bit of mist energy, to light the dark tunnel, but both he and Zax refuted the idea. Apart from wraiths, they also head to stay on guard from other experts. Furthermore, experts

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