First Harvest

2556 Words

By dawn the storm had gradually passed. Zax and Fengar, after entering Demirva Ridge, kept running in the open till first rays of light. Any person, whether a cultivator or a regular human being, could feel the foreboding atmosphere of the ridge. Most disturbing was the absence of any type of life, not even the tiniest insect or even plants could be seen. “Luckily we haven’t met slumbering wraiths or other cultivators. If possible, I rather let someone be the first to validate the folktale. At that point, stealing the dark attribute’s essence would be much safer than harvesting it ourselves”. Fengar sat in front of Zax, at the other side of the tunnel they rested in, figuring that under clear sky and sunlight many others will begin to move, mostly the impatient. According to Fengar, t

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