Elemental Gale And Ormant Kuru Belt

1798 Words

"No!" General of the Armies Nikari and His Holiness Morien protested at the same time. "No?" Warden Sil Dong snorted. He of course knew with whom he was talking and the Peerless status in the Mythical rank they are all in, but he was not a lonesome Immortal they could scare, much less gang up on. Although everything the name "Rakmon Penitentiary" belonged to him, overall he was nothing but a branch manager to a greater power in the Second Valley. "Do you two wish to go against my Higher Ups? They want the escapees alive and therefore they will get them alive". "How many do they want alive?" General of the Armies Nikari inquired. For peace of mind he only needed one dead… "All of them". Warden Sil Dong said apathetically. "Let's not argue on this matter, then". His Holiness Morien sug

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