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“Meditating" was Zax's idea, not to cultivate the soul, but for introspection, to unearth his Infernal state. And of it will not work, at least it will help to prolong his composed mindset. And so, day began to flow once more in the living chamber. Ten… twenty... forty five days later… KNOCK! KNOCK! Zax opened his eyes and gazed past the door. 'Zechariah, Linor and Vimov'. He scrutinized their faces and body language. Since they were visiting a member of their Kin, there was no need to conceal their feelings. The former two were calm, seemingly both in and out. Vimov, however, appeared to be anxious. 'Nulivs is not with him…' Zax noted and then checked his condition before allowing them in. ' Neither aggravation nor improvement. I guess it should be counted as a positive outcome.

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