Yerfijado's Involvement

1787 Words

Supreme General Salmog pulled his hand from Rolo’s head and a certain thought flashed in his mind. ‘The survivors of New Earth were taken by the Lunar Second Brigade… the Lunar First Brigade confronted the new Infernal at Galder Star… Zax Zel, among the youngest Heavenly Immortals… for a man to achieve this, something drastic must propel him forward!’ A realization akin to an explosion transpired in Supreme General Salmog’s sea of consciousness. ‘He is the Infernal Immortal!’ The reason it took him so long, the reason no one besides Sveta, the redheaded Mythical Immortal and Yehor Doumantus connected the dots, was because Zax only exhibited his unbridled, irresistible oppression a few times. ‘He held back to not alarm the Left and Right Generals or make us, Seven Supreme, fight him wit

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