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‘Now then…’ Zax seemingly placidly turned to the cluster of Immortal experts, but inwardly, Guard Chou Ferk’s death only served to fan his building up bloodlust and rage. The loss of his world made him merge with the Heart Devil, turning him into an Infernal, a Being of pure, insatiate wickedness. Although his Infernal state was barred, its ravenous characteristics were slowly resurfacing through the path the true self carved. “I am Warden Sil Dong of the Rakmon Penitentiary”. Warden Sil Dong took the initiative to talk first. “Congratulations, new Heavenly Immortal. With accordance to the penitentiary’s protocol, prisoners who pass their Evolutionary Ascensions are free to leave, after swearing customary pledge in Genuine Intent. However, post your rebirth as an Immortal you killed two

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