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Zax just regained his Heavenly Immortal’s dark element energy and required time to explore its mysteries. Hence, the ray of dark element energy was the very basic utilization of elemental force. The very basic, but extremely concentrated and direct! BOOM! The Rakmon Penitentiary Star’s Core was as large as Ercas Mir and it outer crust many fold more dense. When the attack hit, a sequence of reactions leading to the collapse of the planet ensued and time was of the essence. “Capture him!” Warden Sil Dong furiously roared at the seven Head Guards. “Heyxin, Kantra, Delphine, help me stabilize the Star’s Core!” The Rakmon Penitentiary Star’s Core was not the Core of the entire U Plain, so a Mythical Immortal and three Sacred Immortals could mend it, given enough time. “How far is the Luna

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