Round One, BEGIN!

2484 Words

“You really are a bodily cultivator”. Zax said to Neyrar. Zax had to admit, this Neyrar was a very unique individual. His mist cultivation was obscure by mist concealment jewel, but from the power of his grip, the strength that Neyrar extracted was equivalent to the body fitness level of an Advanced phase second level Core Master. Neyrar should be in his late twenties. Considering that his bodily refinement technique is inferior to Zax’s, to possess such strength could only mean that his mist cultivation was unprecedentedly profound to his age, in the Beginner phase of the second Core Master’s level and his accomplishment in the Scarlet Armor of his Mor was higher than Zax’s in the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement. ‘So monsters like him exist, too…’ Zax sighed inwardly. Before him was

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