Catching The Brown Digger

3022 Words

“I understand, cousin, I won’t let my temper escalate too far, but now that I started talking, I won’t simply let them go!” Razil assured Lizen. Not saying anything in return, Lizen lowered his hand from Razil’s shoulder to give him the stage yet again. “You three, who said that you can leave!” Razil turned to Ur, Anet and Fi Han. The two young men reluctantly were being gripped by Anet with the intention to separate from the crowd and go to their seats. “Everyone, if you want some pacification, surround them until I’ll finish saying my peace. If you’re worried about foul language, I promised my cousin to restrain myself. From here on, I’ll earnestly justify my behavior”. Although still unwilling to change his mannerism, Razil tactfully spoke to sway the crowd in his favor. “And if we

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