Two Questions, One Decision

2183 Words

Don waved her hand, repealing the bits of blood and dusty remnants of her former teacher from the sleeve of her neat suit. “Allow me to explain”, seeing the petrified expression on Binjo’s face and the restrained expression on Dureil’s face, Don calmly said. “It came to my attention that a longtime teacher of my school has been takings bribes from students and their families to alter students’ records in his class. He was also selling sensitive information about our cultivation techniques and Martial techniques. Indeed, Mr. Slaverin was that teacher”. Her tone was indifferent. She walked past the duo of father and son, back to her tall backrest seat. “Well then, the two of us will take our leave. Come, Binjo”. Dureil said. He grabbed his son’s hand and dragged him out of the principal of

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