Saving The Facade

1793 Words

Sveta maybe did not need air but when Supreme General Salmog choked her, the fear and pressure forced from the depth of memories, etched to her soul, the recollection of her mortal life and how precious to her was a wisp of oxygen back then. No matter how much she gasp for it now, it was useless to relieve the Sacred Immortal’s oppression, even if she took in a whole tank in one inhalation. “Say that again!” Supreme General Salmog said in a low voice, yet the might of his tone released shockwaves far and wide. The Heavenly Unit’s Immortals that already retreated needed to flee farther. "Supreme… General Salmog… I'm not… lying!" Sveta repeated. The vice grip loosened by a bit. "State your plea!" Supreme General Salmog demanded. "When he appeared before me, he looked exactly like Sweeril

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