Countering The Operation

3167 Words

‘How could I be so reckless?!’ Mejar reprimanded himself as his face turned rigid. ‘That woman is getting closer!’ An ominous feeling at the back of his head caused him to shiver. From a hidden pocket in the torso part of his black clothes he took out a small capsule and threw it to his mouth. BOOM! An unbridled golden aura fluctuated out of Mejar’s body. The color his mist energy emitted promptly turned dark gold. With the boost from the capsule, Mejar actually reached the Advanced phase of the Mist Lord level and with the constant utilization of his movement technique, his speed rose exceptionally. “A boosting supplement?” About seventy meters from behind, Zetsa was briefly stunned, but with a small icily laugh she found herself suddenly agreeing with Mejar’s action. ‘Better bedridden

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