One Minute

2793 Words

The fiery red and icy blue nitrified and combined into a glow of white. ‘Not good!’ Ginlin’s soul sensed the accumulation of potent mist energy. The sheer quality of the mist energy indicated that the mist refinement technique Hagen cultivated was several times better than his. With the mist refinement technique Ginlin cultivated, to match the destructiveness of the coming attack he had to reach the Advanced phase of the third Core Master’s level. The spinning hawk shaped comet rained down faster than Ginlin could bring his body to avoid it. The beak of the hawk, like a rifle’s bullet, mercilessly hit the yellow fox’s six tails that sprang forward to accept and defend from the piercing attack. … “Hahaha, a third realm Core!” For the first time in his life a sense of greed overwhelmed

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