Ginlin Arrives

2152 Words

“Then again, little brother Zax, do you take extracting a Core from a cultivator is such an easy thing?” Mes’s sentence pulled Zax back into the firm grasp of reality. “To shatter a second realm Core can be done in the span of a breath, even less!” If the situation was otherwise, Mes would have laughed at Zax’s current face. “That’s why I referred to the instant big sister Hagen aims to attack Ginlin as a ‘short window’, shorter than what it sounded“. Mes’s expression became solemn, he concentrated his gaze, spotting something, but then his head lowered and he heaved a deep sigh. “Our only hope, according to what I gathered from big sister Hagen, is that a third realm Core takes longer to shatter, and so present enough time for big sister Hagen to strike”. He said heavily. Following the

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