Under Confinement

1903 Words

“Violation of the Hunting Maze Pit’s rules, Runner Zax assaulted the Hunters. Hunt is over!” The mechanical voice repeated. Indeed, when Hoywa and Eeyoo were about to unleash again the Attribute Devouring Pollen, Zax imposingly locked on them with the dark element energy. “Grandpa… Human?” The instant he heard her voice, his dark element energy dissipated and everything, the hunt, the Maze’s announcement, the Hunters and the Hunting Maze Pit’s workers outside the stage, all were snubbed. “Grandpa Human”. Nulivs raised her head and opened a pair of shining eyes with a warm smile, as if she awakened from a long dream. Inspecting her sea of consciousness, her soul was continuously rotating as it was not shackled anymore by the scenes depicted on it. Nulivs, however, was only beginning he

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