Exiting The Maze

1823 Words

“Ocean? Have you gone insane?!” Hoywa exclaimed. Cultivators in the Mortal Enlightenment state were known to be the only mortal with minuscule control over element energy. Nothing, though, that is even close to being described as a trickle, let alone an ocean! BOOM! The sealing formation was pierced through like a piece of paper by a lance and the resounded explosion reverberated well after the black bolt of element energy exited the palace. “How can he have so much element energy?!” Sensing the overbearing fluctuations, Hoywa no longer argued with Eeyoo. “I don’t know”. Eeyoo gritted her teeth in all four mouths. It was not in quantity or quality that is at the level of a Heavenly Immortal, yet it poured out in a copious rate that nothing in their power could oppose. Worse still, th

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