Supreme General Salmog Orders

1790 Words

“You want us to activate our covert operatives?” The bald tattooed man, one of the Neonates on scene, disapproved. “Out of the lot of you, how many managed to plant agents in a Peerless Mythical superpower? Four Oklafs, how many do you have in Voltic Star? I don’t mind telling that I have only one, who I won’t allow a half assed plan jeopardize!” “Altogether, Haba, we have one”. Mortor Marer Mir admitted. “And whether you’ll agree to operate with us on a joint task or not, we already activated them. Also, we don’t require a fleet of sleeper agents. Our union is the key point. “Consider this as the chain of event that is most likely to transpire if we’d remain divided… It will take less than a minute for Kitanoriya to take control of the Voltic Star’s formations, the moment she will enter

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