Nulivs’s Ruin

1956 Words

TING! The seven hundredth blow hit the tunnel wall and her felt the pain coursing from the tip of her fingers to her shoulders. TING! She swung the pickaxe for the seven hundred and first time and although her vision blurred by the tears welling in her eyes, she managed not to cry. "Uncle Vimov…" Nulivs whispered in a choke voice. "Grandpa Human…" She tried to toughen herself for them, but their absence just made her feel alone and helpless. After Zax was taken, Vimov was the sole pillar of support she let into her heart in what was a crucial time for her mental recovery. Others in the group wanted to aid her as the rotation of her soul gradually melted the frozen past and her charming personality awakened. For several months they did do good for her and she further opened up. And t

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