First Mass s*******r

1763 Words

Donumb’s spike in killing intent did not escape his little brother’s perception. ‘My older brother feelings threatened by the possibility of Logan reaching the Mortal Enlightenment state…  If there was someone that could make Mudum wary, as much as he loved him, it was his only brother. Of course, he never believed that he will hurt him, but sometimes, just being beside someone with a dark side only you aware of can arouse a subliminal sense of vigilance around them. “Mudum-” TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP! … Donumb called his little brother when the sounds of steps cut him. First thought on the brothers’ mind was that a maid entered the vast room, but they quickly refuted it. The door was closed and there is no way they will not hear it suddenly opened, without being knocked, much less let

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