Kuchiki Sveta

1898 Words

Around two hours after obliterating the Double Edge's Sanctum manor and its surrounding twelve kilometers, Zax’s internal turmoil settled down and calculative reason reflected from his eyes. ‘It’s too early, but if I want to expedite things, I’ve got no choice’. He cleaned himself from the dirt and blood of the Earth Dragon. ‘Heavenly Unit, Kuchiki Sveta!’ He recounted the name he noted from Rolo’s memories and in a step vanished with every remnant of his presence. Moments after he was gone, the Wild Beasts of Voltic Star steadily approached the five hundred meters carcass. Whoever would be the lucky one to devour the dantian area, should it survive the consumption of the gradually depleting great source of mist energy, will evolve a morsel of intelligence that could lead it onto the M

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